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Needle Valve needed...

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I'm looking for a needle valve and I cant seem to find one around where I live. Propane dealers wont sell me one unless they install it (what kind of BS is that!!!) and hardware store dont carry anything like it. So I guess I'm going to have to go on-line. But I'm not sure what I should get. Any input would help?
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HD, Lowes or any Hardware should have it, look in the plumbing dept.
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high performance (cars) stores might even have something. not sure of what you really want..
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This is where I got mine, I just ordered another 4 about 1/2 hr ago. They work so well that everyone around here wants one.

I couldn't find one in our local haedware stores either. I hope this helps. icon_smile.gif
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I kept looking and found that same thing you did Terry. Does it have good control and are you able to turn the knob with ease.

I did check all the plumbing dept in all the hardware stores (Lowes, Menards and local guys) none of them had a needle valve.

I think I might get the one Terry suggested.
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Yes sir, the valve has excellent control, you can turn it a 1/8 turn if you want too. It turns easily and really works well. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif I highly recommend it. icon_smile.gif
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I bought them. one each for the 170,000 BTU burners on my brewery, see my avatar. They were at Home Depot in the copper pipe compression fitting section. They work very well too.
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If you have a friend who works in a refinery, they have a way of coming out in a lunch pail. Damn good ones too.
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Looks as though I'll be ordering one of those that BigArm suggested, cant beat the price...cheaper then you could make one with parts from Lowes or HD. I have a fatty in as I type and with the smoker as low as it goes and the propane opened just enough so the smoker gets gas, It reads 250-260.
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I picked up a replacement valve and hose from a turkey fryer. All one unit and fit right in. No adapter fittings.....

Love it but still getting use to the adjustments. Very touchy. I think I've got it. Well worth the price. I can drop the temp down to 100 to cold smoke bacon now.
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if i might ask, where did yours up at? i'm going to look online, but don't know if i want to wait that long for delivery, lol
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Picked it up at a local gas supply place.
Check the location of places that fill tanks. They should have one.
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thanks! found a place right down the road from my house.
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