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First Chicken

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My son turned 4 a couple of weeks ago and we hosted a little party for him, and what better time than a party to fire up the smoker. I did up some ribs and decided to try a chicken for the first time.

FOr the chicken I went with the beer can method. Drank 1/3 of the beer and refilled the can with teriyaki sauce, worchester sauce and something else that at this time slips my mind. I mixed up a butter/spice concoction and applied that under the skin. For a rub I used a commercial spice made by Epicure, which was a teriyaki seasoning. On with the view.

Ribs and chicken all ready to go..

Chicken by itself

Tight fit.

Looking good

Work it for the it..

The chicken turned out well when I carved it(and snacked away), however people being people arrived late and he bird dried out some and forced me to berate my guests. After the crying and the swelling went down, every one enjoyed the meal.
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Nice looking grub, glad to see a smoker bustin the seams with meat! I'm getting ready to do my first beer can chix so it's nice to see your q-vue.

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Yep, nothing like a full smoker! How'd the ribs turn out?
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If you have a Sam's Club near try and buy their Rotessierie chicken raw, I had to ask the club manager to get them. They are either brined or pumped and rubbed already. Take temps to 180 190 and they are great. Plenty of juice.
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Good idea Ron, about buying the raw, but prepped, rotisserie birds from Sams. Can save some time and $$ by not having to buy the ingredients for the brine, and it can go on the smoker as soon as you bring it home! Nice tip shared with everyone!! biggrin.gif
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you have plenty knives. and a bunch of spices on the counter. nice. I get going with my knives some time and get a little carried fat is the rule some times on certain things.

your Qview was nice. keeping the byrd covered tight might help the drying of byrd..albertsone and most chain that rotor byrds might do the same as sam's if not one in your area.
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Those birds are puny compaired to Sams and more expensive. Can't say I ever had a bird like Sam's. Not sure if they have a special deal with Tysons.
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Nice job full smoker looks good PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Mighty good lookin vittles!
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