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Back in the saddle

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Tomorrow, will be smoking turkey breasts, butts, brisket for party that was earlier cancelled do to bad weather. I have never smoked a turkey breast before so will be (do to potential dryness) injecting it with butter and apple juice and foiling as soon as they take on the smoke. Will be using pecan first 4 hrs and then wrapping butts and brisket and keeping the heat on with oak. I am going to try injecting my butts with a mix of apple juice and my own rub. Let all know how it goes and will take pics. RickPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Hey Rick, sounds like a nice smoke. Good luck.
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Echo Ken on his thoughts, nice sounding smoke! Looks like you're on your way to a successful turkey breast since you're injecting it. Just curious but did you think of brining it as well, or was it already in a brine when you bought it?

Looking forward to the qvue!
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Nope. I have smoked whole birds years ago and just lifted skin and applied salt based rub and then injected. Tell me how you brine yours and the sought after results from brining please.
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I see your post got shoved down the line a ways, but you did promise pics! Sure would like to see how everything came outPDT_Armataz_01_15.gif .
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Page 2 of the thread has a post by Travcoman45 with his brine/injection recipe. I'm using the brine for the first time today on a couple breasts but don't have an injector yet so will scrap that.


The purpose of the brine is to make the meat moist and flavorful by the natural osmosis of the salt water w/seasonings, penetrating through the meat. More people will be along with additional info on the brining process, but for the meantime check out the links to the left of the forum and look for the link that says "brining". Gives a really good explanation of desired resuts and the "why" behind it.
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Pics coming soon

I loaded smoker at 5 am this morning and just wrapped foil a few minutes ago. Will take pics of after. Have befores but will be this evening or in morning as we have a crew coming to eat.cool.gif
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