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Lumpy the Wood Chunk Burner,reverse flow build!

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Alright, I know, you guys think I have too much time on my hands!

I was at the local dump today, Ayup, same place i found the Twiggy Mini Tanks, and well, uhmm, I found a pretty cool tank, about 20 inches tall and about the same diameter as a grill tank---so I have to sleep on it but I have an idea---"Lumpy the Wood Chunk Burner,reverse flow build!"

It could be a 2 butt---or---a 1 whole brisket ----or ----a 2 bird smoker/grill?

HMMMM---I dunno---this is getting ridiculas, ridicoolius, ridicarus, ridiculous(thanks for spell check)
Beer (s) with me because it might take a while!

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Thanks Ken:-)

Thanks Ken:-)

Yes, Bleached once, and they are full of soapy water now and the valves are off. Folks---he's right, don't mess with propane unless you do your homework!

Grinder with water inside is a better way to start cutting---I agree! If you have access to a combustible gas tester--use it--local FD may have one.

I hope I can bring some more smiles along with me on this one boys---be happy, Smoke a lot and eat! Feed the people! FEED THEM TWICE, then eat.
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C'mon Ken your takin all the fun out of it.
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Yup. Be safe.
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If so----I would hope----Ken, that there could be a hint of hickory and oak with the aroma leftover after my accident. If I go to the female smoke gods above, I am willing to take my oak----- well the, if the gods approve of ---well-----this is a family forum:-(
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MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!.......the mad sceintist.....er, smoker.....is back at it yet again!!!........LOL

Can't wait to see this next one......be tough to top twiggy tho....PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

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Steve....that's way cool...cool.gifPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif can't wait to see what you come up with.
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Lumpy is happy and has his first hole!

Lumpy is happy and has his first hole!

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Lumpy is happier and has more holes!

Luckily, Lumpy did not go boom with plasma cutter--tried Lighting a sparkler in Lumpy first--Lots of Lumpy Laughs!

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I see lumpy is a traveling man.
Keepin it square and on the level.
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Thanks for the support,

I am hoping this is gonna be a kicka** smoker, but also a great GRILL!! Reverse flow breeds easy cook'en and temp control!!!

If ya'll want to get a real one that will take a lot more BBQ, give Ben Lang a call @ 1-800-462-4629---he knows his stuff! I just had to put a plug in for Ben @ pigroast.com because he truly got me hooked on RF because of his affordable pricing and great smoker design! Smoke it!
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Hey steve I dont really know anything about building smokers but that fire box looks mighty large for the tank. How did you come with how big it should be or did you just eyeball it? I have to head down to my dump see if I can find something in there to play with.
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Yes, it is big, its 11 * 11:-) I am trying to build a "grill" and a "smoker" that will smoke 2 butts low and slow, one whole packer brisket low and slooooow, or simply a wood flavored grill that will blast the best of meats, veggies, etc----without flare ups.

It with have plenty of air capacity and adjustability so that there is lots of flexibility. This is gonna be really light weight without as many bells and whistles(fenders,log lighters, wheels) of the Twiggy's. It will be lighter for shipping and hopefully, a good little unit.

I promise Neens, I will let ya'll know if it cooks the way I want it too. Lumpy is kind of short and stubby!!!! LOL

Keep you all posted---you know I will!!

Smkn S
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Lumpy has been Lazy!


I am back from summer camp and finally got a day to take care of poor Lumpy.

Welded up her firebox seams today plus fabricated the baffle/grease drain plate for the reverse flow part of the smoker. Got the nipple all welded through for the grease valve to screw onto, then fully welded the baffle to the inside of the cooker. I added an "end" near the drain to stop the grease from getting into the lower chamber:-)

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Welcome back!

Glad to see Lumpy is well and on the way to stardom. Welcome Back!
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More Progress....

Thanks Rick, hopefully lumpy will cook as well as Twiggy!!

Today, I fabricated all the adjustable vents and the hinges plus cut the firebox door out. Also, I made the handles and latches for the cooker door and firebox door. Here are some of the pics:-)

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Looking great so far. Also I take it the paint sticks are there to keep your lines good and square but wouldnt the cutter light them on fire?

I wonder how long before Mr. Lang gives you a call offering you a job.
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Wow, that's some very nice work, interesting to see how it works for you. Did you come up with a pre-planned design or is it a design as you go? Those look like some nice welds too, you using a stick or wire welder?
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Now that's some might talented work there Bro!
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Looks great, Steve. Geez, you have got some SERIOUS fabrication and welding skills, sir!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

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