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Does this look familiar to anyone?

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I found it on a Sam's webpage, but it says not available and cannot find anything else about it. Might be made by Grand Hall-USA, but here at work most sites are having issues today and I cannot get there. Would this be a commercial job? Here's what was on the webpage:

This stainless steel, fully-insulated smoking cabinet is made of professional 304 grade stainless steel. Gas burner comes with a lifetime warranty and features three different temperature settings for precision cooking (high, medium and low). Smoker also has three adjustable cooking racks and two wood smoker chip drawers. Lighting the burner is easy with its electronic ignition system.

Professional styling
12,000 BTU stainless steel burner with three heat settings
Double wall insulated smoker cabinet construction
Three slide out adjustable cooking racks
Pull-out porcelain-coated steel water pan
Push button electronic ignition system
Discrete storage for LP tank (LP tank not included)
Total cooking area: 1,260 sq. in.
Dimensions: 61"H x 28"L x 25.5"W

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Cool looking...not no clue. 12K BTU? Should be PLENTY with an insulated cab... up to roasting temps.
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a guy at the market has one he said he bought at sams club, he said that he had been watching it for a long time as they wanted something in the high 700.00s for it and when he went in one time it was on clearance for 300.00..i don't know the make but it is a nice one..we always try and outdo each other on ribs and so far i'm on top
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I have seen that at the local sams for the last couple years... it looked great other than the price.... I have noticed they havent had one for a while.... good luck
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I saw one similar if not the same thing at
the Sportsman's Warehouse last fall.
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Brother bought one about 2 years ago. he loves it. It is a heavy bugger!!! He used it for some catering stuff he used to do. It has a lot of room in it to smoke a lot of meat. I thought he told me he could fit 9 racks of ribs in it at one time.

It is expensive, I think he paid $600 for it. But as I always say. It isnt the machine that makes a better cook. Its the cook. But good equipment cant hurt.
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