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'08 SMF Gathering Site Pics

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Here are a few pics of the group camp area at Thibaut Point Park on Truman Lake, MO we have reserved for The Gathering. (Thibaut is pronounced "Teebo")
First pic is the general area, shelter on the right. Second pic is a typical camp site. Third pic is the shower house/laundry. Fourth pic is part of the lake, good crappie fishing off that point in the dead trees. Fifth pic is the shelter.


Send me a PM with your email address and I will forward an entry form and info.
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what's the date?
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Whats the date?

Whats the date? Any fees? Prices?
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The '08 SMF Smokin' Roundup will be June 19, 20, 21, 22, 2008.

Check in is AFTER 6PM June 19, Check out by 6PM Sunday, June 22

Location is Thibaut Point Park on Truman Lake, Missouri
(Thibaut is pronounced "teebo")

You can type in "Thibaut Point Park" on your browser and check it out. It is a Federal camp ground.
We have "Group Camp Area A" reserved. Camp sites have electricity.

The park is 8 miles north of Warsaw, MO. Warsaw has anything we might need - hotels/motels, etc.

More info as it develops.

Make plans to attend now!
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Anyone wanting an entry form and info send me a PM with your email address, I will forward the form.
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I'll be camping at Table Rock State Park that weekend ... guess I'll have to take a drive up that way (probably Saturday) to check it out.
Hopefully next time, I can pull the camper up and setup the smoker!!!!!
Sounds fun.
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It's not a bad run from The Rock up 65. Sure would like to see you come up. Saturday is the biggie, we WILL be smokin'!
Take 65 north out of Warsaw to "T", turn left, follow signs to Thibaut Point Park.
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Even better than I thought, or at least that I am used to. Showers, nicebiggrin.gif . Electrical at the camp areas!!!! I like the layout, should be excellent for the Q. Are we getting together a potluck style menu or bring what you want to smoke for the weekend??

Hope to see as many of you there as possible!!!wink.gif

Crappie fishin, bringin the poles. Smoked Crappie, ummmmmmmm.
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As things progress we will be putting together a list of who wants to cook what and when. We will have a "meal schedule" and those attending can chime in with what they will prepare. Same as last year.
Jane and I are up for preparing fatty breakfast burritos, and some other good things to be named at a later date. PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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