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Baby Backs in smoker- Q view!

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I know , I know- I prefer spares also, but there was a real good sale, so tonite we have baby backs in the smoker.

This Q-view is of a new rub I'm trying called "Char Crust" This one is Hickory-Molasses.

The meat went in the GOSM at around 2:45- later than I'd like, but we had unexpected guests, and I had to go buy 2 more racks! I spritzed with Rhein wine for the first two hours, and they've been wrapped for 2 hours. Now it's time to open them up and put some sauce on-

I'm experimenting with a Maple BBQ sauce, if it works out, I'll use it for an upcoming competition.

More Q-view to come when it's done!
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They sure look good so far Ron, you're maple sauce sounds interesting. Did you come up with the recipe?
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lookin good ron, keep us posted on results
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Nope- I slightly, VERY slightly modified the recipe found here-
It tastes great, can't wait to see how it smokes up!!!
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Nice rack of bones there
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Funny you should mention that. I am doing some ribs tomorrow for a family get together on tuesday night. I'll just wrap em and reheat them on tuesday for dinner.

I did two stupid things today that I never usually do, and will NEVER do again. 1. I bought spares and Baby backs, the spares said "brisket removed", they were just like any other spareribs I have ever bought, except they were alot smaller st louis cut than I have ever seen(after I cut them down).
The 2nd stupid thing was to buy them from Sam's club, not only were they mislabeled, they were also the worse cryovac'd spares or baby backs that I have ever bought(3 per pack) At least half of the meat on the spares is noton the rib cut, but instead in the"less desireable" cut off portions.

I'll smoke em up just the same, and I am sure they will be fine for guests, but I have learned my lesson on the sam's club meats. I should have just went to my usual butcher and paid 10 cents more per pound for the BB's , and 60 cents less per pound for the spares.

Stf Ron, your ribs look good, how did ya like the new rub?
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Gonna be some fine vittles!
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I echo Cowgirl's comment about the maple sauce, that sounds really good! I've printed that one out and will add that to my Memorial Day batch of ribs.

Great looking grub, where are the bones?? PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thanks for the link Ron.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Sure sounds good.
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Here's the result folks-

The ribs were mighty tastee- and pretty sweet. The sauce was good, but there was no real maple flavor to them. I think next time, less brown sugar, and more maple. One of my guests even suggested a maple concentrate.

As I suspected, the rub was overpowered by the sauce, so I think a re-smoke with just the rub may be due. Overall, the meal was quite satisfying! Here's what was left- where were all my SMF folks to pick up the slack!!
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NIce q-view. Looks great.
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I love Charcrust! I go to my local meat locker grab a 13lb Rib Eye roast, use the Roasted Garlic Charcrust on it and spin it on my Rotisserie for about 5 1/2 hours. It's the BEST!
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Nice Smoke.... I'll have to pick up some of that Charcrust and give it a try...
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