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MORE smoke, or longer smoke?

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I was reading a post last night that had referred to a modification that replaced the firebox with a larger cast iron skillet.

My question is this, will this produce more smoke or a longer smoke time without having to replace wood chunks-?

Ribs going in this afternoon!!!
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Yall don't wan't more smoke, remember thin n blue! I replaced that dinky lil pan they sent with mine, used a 9X9 cake pan that I cover with aluminum foil, heps prevent them nasty flare ups. Gives me a longer smoke run time. Can usually get by with two pans on a long run, don't have ta check it as often that way. I personnally don't like the cast iron fer the chip pan, takes a long while ta warm up an start smokin, thinner metal will heat up a might faster. Just my two coppers worth.
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i have a propane smoker i always use the smoker box that came with it i havent had any problems i have heard on here if you want the wood to start smoking faster use a coffee can cut down to fit your smoker. it is a thinner material. well thats my 2 cents and thats all its worth.
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To your question, I believe that it will just produce more smoke. You might get a little longer smoke out of it too, but more wood on the hot surface just means more wood smoking.
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Kinda what I thought- Thanks for the replies everyone-
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What Travcoman said...
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Ron, Trav has nailed my experience here as well. (use ECB elect)
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A larger pan might allow you to fit a bigger thicker chunk and still be able to cover it, which should last a lot longer than tossing in more smaller chunks.
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