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NeOPhiTe -Brand New- from upstate NY!!

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Today I found out that grilling and bbq is not the same! I just brought my wife a Char-Broil RED model 463250108. Searching the www for recipes and insight into the art, I came across this site and have already been enlighten. I already told my wife that I want a smoker for Fathers Day and until then I will be unhappy:(, and if she doesn't give me one: I'm buying it,yes, I am determined to satisfy this carnivourous crave for my OWN smoked meat. You'll be hearing from me...PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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Welcome to the forum jeo!smile.gif
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You go geo. Smoke that meat. Don't your good women hold ya back. It really can become a passion. Some people will think your crazy but invite them over for some smoke and they will see where your coming from. Good smokes makes fun times.
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Thanks for the Welcome

Thank you for the welcome and encouragement. I am a jet engine mechanic by trade and I can see myself smoking a Brisket in the Hot section of the engine! My throttle is open and I'm reving high!
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Welcome to the SMF! At least you have a source to light your coals pretty fast!!
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Welcome to SMF jeo245! Please sign up for Jeff's 5-day ecourse on the left side of the screen in the How To section. Lot's of information there. Looking forward to your posts and helping you grow in the art of smoking.
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What everybody else said and welcome to SMF.
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Fathers Day is this weekend isn't it? wink wink
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Welcome to SMF. The good folk here will aid you on your magical journey into the addiction of smoke cooking, and yes it is an addiction. someday you will find yourself licking the moniter because someone posted some good lookin "Q-VIEW" and folks will stare at you funny like when you tell them that after church on Sunday you are going home to smoke a couple of 2 lb fatties.
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The line has been drawn! Great folks in here will have you churnin out some tasty Q in no time, assuming you don't receive the tie of the month club on Father's Day.
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Welcome to the forum. Nice to have you with us.
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Welcome, and be careful, the bug bites pretty hard!!! :0-)
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