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New Member from VA

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Total rookie here.
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Well Doc, you came to the right place to learn. Take Jeff's free 5-day ecourse (link on left). There are many here who love to share their knowledge so don't be shy. Just ask away and someone will help.

Have fun and keep smokin.
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Welcome to the SMF! You didn't mention if you have a smoker or not. Need answers...just ask.
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welcome doc..............great we want to know the deeper meaning??????????????????????????????????????????? ??
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welcome to the smf....
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Hey trout bum, welcome.
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welcome doc,not sure I gonna be able to keep up with you-I see your a man of many words!
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Hello Doctor, and welcome to a great place. If you want to learn about cooking food here is the place. How is Stafford today? I grew up near there in my high school days and understand it is no longer the southern backwoods area it used to be.
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