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can't keep temp. down

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Hey everybody. This smoke hollow propane smoker is my first smoker. I'm seasoning it right now, but can't seem to keep the temp. below about 350 degrees. I'd appreciate any advice. Thanks.

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Water in pan? Temp on low? Open the door it will cool off then you can see if it rised again.

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Don't go by stock thermo, junk.....
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If you are going by the gauge on the door, it may be way off. check the temp on each rack with a digital. push the probe thru a small potato to hold if off the grill.

If the door thermometer is way far off, call customer service, they are very responsive at Smoke Hollow.

Mine is easy to run at 230-250F, but I have water in the pan, and wood chips in the chip pan over the flame, both of which could make a difference.
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Thanks for the quick replies. I turned the temp. control on the smoker to low, had the water pan full, a few chips in the box, and an oven thermometer sitting on the top grate. The lowest I could get it to go was about 320, of course it cools down nicely with the door open then jumps back over 300 as soon as the door is closed.

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Mine came with a needle valve, i guess some don't.
Do a search or someone will fill ya in shortly....can get mine down to 120*!
You have the exhaust open right??
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I am having the same problem with my smoke hollow gas smoker. water pan full, full smoke box and vent on back wide open. i have not contacted them yet. BBQ Bubba do you have a picture of what you are talking about with this valve? is this OEM or is this a modification you have made? thanks
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This is the best mod I made to my GOSM. Go to your local hardware store and you should be able to get all the parts. Your connection parts may be different as you have a different make than mine but they have fittings to fit all different threads. I did have to go to an appliance store to get the 1/4" copper tubing and they just gave it to me out of a bucket in the back room.

Just remove the hose from the regulator and buy a needle valve and all the parts you need to connect back to the regulator with the needle valve in the middle... My cost was less then $10...
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Stoneydog close your back vent down to 75% closed. I am not familiar with Smokey Hollow but if you have more then 1 vent close them down to about 75% also and adjust from there.
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low temps

Needle Valve, For Sure A Needle Valve.....
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