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Briskett Purchasing/Foil Wrap

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I plan on smoking a briskett this weekend. Nothing major, just a 3 or 4 pounder. Any tips on what to look for when purchasing a briskett? I am probably just going to go to my local supermarket. (I may have to pre-order for one of that size??) But I hear the different terms thrown around for I guess what would be different types of briskett. Just want to know exactly what to look for for best results.

Also, when you get up to 170 or 175* and you take it out to wrap it, do most of you add any liquid/mop, i.e. apple juice, bbq sauce or is the steam inside the wrapping enough to keep it moist? I was planning on letting mine rest for around an hour, but now I am thinking I should try and wait at least two hours. I don't get what the cooler does either. It obviously does something, but I don;t have one so I may just have to wrap it nice and good.

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Hey dganor, i haven't done a brisket since i found this site, done a few before and they were errrmmm ok i guess. I did a chuck roast at the weekend using the same method. Foiled at 165 cooked to 200 then coolered for 2 hours.
That was real tasty and pulled easy. I did put some mop in the foil with it, and yes to add more moisture.

From what i've read about the whole cooler process the idea is that while the meat is resting the juices are "redistributed". 1 hour is pretty much the minimum, 2 hours is better.
The cooler idea is to help it hold the heat for longer. Useful method if smoking different items that finish at different times. I'm thinking that as long as the meat rests for a couple of hours and you have it well wrapped things will work out the same.

Hope i helped with that part of your question.

If you can't find a brisket do consider a chuck roast. I got mine for $2.49 lb.

Good luck with the smoke. If you have problems there's always someone here to help out.
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Thanks, Tee. That helps. I guess the cooler is just meant to not let heat escape. I'll take my chances wrapping it with a couple of towels. But when I do a larger smoke the cooler will definitely come in handy. Since I am not pulling the briskett, I think I'll just bring it to about 175-180*, pull it, wrap it and let it sit. Appreciate the advice.
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For a brisket, you want a "packer" cut. At your local grocery store, look for the cheapest briskets they have- $$/LB. Here they are on sale for $1.27/LB right now. That is what you want. Find a nice 8-12LB one. Lay it flat on the edge of your hand, and if it folds almost in two it is a nice one. Also, look for one that doesn't have fat all over it. I look for one that had alot of fat on the point, but the flat end doesn't have alot of fat.

When foiling, I don't add anything to it, I just wrap in double layers of HD foil. I don't do the cooler method either. I let it sit on the stove for a couple of hours. It will still be pretty hot when you unwrap it. I haven't had a dry brisket yet, and I have done quite a few now.
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I did my first brisket a few weeks ago and it turned out great. I foiled it at 170.. I just opened the lid, put foil over it.. turned it over, and put more foil on it and wrapped it up good.

I left it in till it hit 200 and took it out.
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Dman, how big was the briskett and how long did it take. I know not to go by time, but just curious. Trying to get some ballpark times. I plan on eating at 6pm, so I am firing up the pit at 10 in the morning. I figure for a 3 pounder that should give me plenty of time.

Also, did you pull or slice at 200*?
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The general guideline is 1.5 hours/LB. Each smoker is different. My smoker does brisket more like 1.0-1.25 hours/LB. Take the brisket to 185° in the flat, and you can slice the flat. I slice the flat and pull (make shredded) the point. That way we have sliced and shredded brisket. The shredded makes good sammies; or add to beans, chili, whatever to make it better.
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dganor, I don't think you will find a brisket that is good for smoking at 3 lbs. You will probably get one from the supermarket that has been trimed of the fat and it will run you in the 3 or 4 dollar a lb range. At least that's the way it is here in Phila. I have to goto a place like Sams club or BJ's. If you can't find a "packer" which is both the point and the flat.Try to find just the "flat" they usualy run around 5-8 lbs. & here in philly costs about 2.50 a lb. As far as temp & time, I usualy smoke it around 225 and a 6lber will take about 10 hours or so to reach 180-190. But each piece of meat is differant. 180-for sliceing 205-for pulling. And don't forget about the plateu(?) that can hold you up for hours, but don't try to hurry it along by uping the temp. Just sit back and have a couple more beers or what ever. It'll start to raise soon enough. Good luck and you'll do fine.
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Oh yeah, I smoke mine one day and we eat it the next day. And the next day. I never plan on eating it the day I smoke it.
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And after the next day, into the freezer it goes. It's just me and my wife and sometimes my brother. Plenty of left overs here. I often wonder how come there are never left over ABT'S?
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As others have said that would be small for a brisket. I give mine a good spritz before foiling. Some people think putting it into a cooler will keep the meat hotter and alway the juice to be redistrubeted better others just that it will keep the meat hot while this is being done before serving. We often eat the brisket the same day as its smoked alot of people say it is better the next day but I'm not gonna say oneway or the other. Have fun and Happy Smoking
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I smoked a 10lb packer (the point and flat).. Took 9 hours.

It seems to be the recommended way around here.. and I tend to agree after doing mine. But if all you have is the flat.. more power to ya. Just make sure you have the temp at or BELOW the 250 in the smoker so you don't dry it out.

I sliced the whole thing.. sure was tasty that night.. and the next day.. and the next day.

Here is the thread showing the progress..

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I'm certainly no master of the brisket having only smoked two, but here's how I did the one last week using a combination of methods I found in here. I can't think of a single thing to do different to make it better!

All I can find are the "flats", so that's what I go with.

Rub it down good. I have never used Jeff's rub on beef. Seems to me more of a pork rub, but a great one! I used an off-the-shelf Canadian steak rub on both sides. Wrapped in plastic overnight. Placed in a foil pan, uncovered, fat side up, and didn't touch it till the internal was 160*. The fat cap is a built-in self-baster. Once at 160*, I removed and double wrapped in foil, pouring on the juices from the pan before closing the foil. Back to the heat till I got 200* internal. Pulled from the heat, wrap in a towel & put in a cooler for a couple of hours. My last one was in the cooler for over 6 hours and was still VERY hot when I pulled it out to slice.

Sorry for the double post of these pics I put up yesterday in pork...

Many opinions in here about teh best way, and I'm no way saying mine is the best, but it definitely works for me!

Good luck!
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Exactly.. everyone has their own special way of doing things. I studied everything I could find.. (after a gentle push in the right direction) and put little techniques together from several ways and ideas.
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I saw your original post with those pics. That was was like Q-view heaven! Looks like you may have gotten yours from a wholesale club...Sams, Costco, etc??? We have a costco around here, maybe I'll take a look there and bump it up to a 5 pounder to get better quality. Not sure I know what the difference between the "flat" and the "point(correct term??)" is. I saw your package said "Whole Briskett".
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So Seboke, you had the briskett in a pan the whole time as opposed to directly on the grate?
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I'm military and shop for meats at the base commissary. Neighborhood groceries and meat markets can't touch the prices. I've also found a 40 lb case of spare ribs there for $45. I'm not even sure what a point or a whole brisket looks like. My package said whole, but I really think it was just the flat. Did not know to give the flat the "bend test". Just looked for oe that had a somewhat uniform fat cap that wasn't too big. I have found some good prices at Costco on BBs and whole loins though.
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Yep. Something I learned from reading the many brisket posts found here. I also read a lot about searing the brisket black first, but it just didn't appeal to me...
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That explains the cheap prices. I just put an order in at my local grocery store for a 5lb. briskett......$4.99/lb. Oh well. Costco said they probably wouldn;t have ones that big and they wouldn't special order, but maybe I'll check it out just in case. Thanks for the input. I am going to try putting it in the pan while it smokes to mop with it's juices when I foil it. We'll see.....
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Somewhere you can check is Super Walmart. Our local one sells whole briskets for around $1.50 lb.
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