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10lb Butt

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Here is part two of today's smoke. The other half of todays smoke is a chuck.

10 lb butt, rubbedwith my own recipe and will be spritzed with a 3 : 1 mix of apple juice and amaretto.

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Good looking start
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Hey Tee- get some RUB on that butt, man! Coat it! You'll be alot happier with the bark and the meat flavor...there's ALOT of meat there!
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Tot, thats a big butt and deserves a big rub, lots of it. Looks like a great start to supper, what time was i sposed to be there?
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Hey man, great lookin vittles! (I was gonna say butt, but that might sound weird from one man to antoher!) Give that big boy some extra shots of rub! She's a bute! Gonna be a long day of smokin fer ya, but the results are gonna be fantastic! Good smokes buddy!
post #6 of 18's she going Teeo?
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3 hours in

Ok, three hours in

The butt is for a lunch we are doing at work on Tuesday so no rush.

Also made me a little snack. Italian sausage wrapped around a mozzarella and chedar string cheese stick

Only have the one therm so i'm monitoring the chuck first. That's stalled out at 145 for the last 45 min.

The onions are on so i can make another batch of smoked vidalia bbq sauce !!! Just about got it right. If this one comes out how i'm looking for will post it in the sauce sect.
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Nice... the sauce sounds like a winner!
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Lookin good I wanna see the snacks they sound deeeelish!!
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For cub guy - Snack time.

These were awseome biggrin.gif

One split and leaked cheese so ate that one on it's own. The other went into a bun with some onion bbq sauce.
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Hey teeotee: The bun is a great idea! Gonna have to try a fatty sammie!
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Butt was finally done after 12 hours. Sat in the cooler for another 2.

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Nice looking q! Glad it turned out well for you, how did that amaretto spray turn out? Sounds tasty ... biggrin.gif
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wow tot.........just 12 hours for a 10lb butt.....amazing.............

that looked like more of a grill you had that butt on...........

looking good tho..................
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I agree. That butt must have skated through the plateau.

Looks good, T!
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Great looking grub.............Love the little fatties on a bun idea..............
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I was ready for 14 hour or more of cooking. When it hit 165 i removed the probe and tried in several different spots to make sure it wasn't a fluke. Nope got the same reading or higher in 3 different places. Done the same when it hit 200. Always reading that no chunk of meat is the same. Guess i must of got lucky biggrin.gif.

The chuck was stuck at 145 for an hour.

Can gaurantee the next one will stall out for hours !!PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif

This butt is for a lunch at work tomorrow so will be warming in crockpot with some finishing sauce.

You could call the snacks personal sized fatties. Can't remember who it was but someone on here called them beef hotdogs. Hamburger rolled up into a hotdog then thrown on the smoker. I though hmmm cheese in the middle so bought some string cheesesticks and wrapped them up. They were a little larger than a bratwurst. Good size to snack on and only took about 90 minutes.
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I say you did a fine job on that smoke tee-hope they love yours as much as sumo's co workers liked hers-great job.
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