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Brilliance, happy rant

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Thank you everyone for previous posts and responses to me.

I smoked a 7 pound pork butt today and I would like to call it perfection for me. Sorry there is no qview, dig camera is on my top list for gadgets to buy so I can share with you guys and get good feedback.

Clearing up total history for.. I live in Oregon and just got interested in barbeque by watching the food/travel channel and all their specials about southern BBQ about3 months ago.

Around the end of March I saw an ECB on craigslist for 20 bucks and snatched it.

I love meat but have no standards for BBQ. I have gotten a pretty good idea for "decent" bbq now from places like this and I am pretty sure I would meet those standards from todays smoke.

This was the third of my smokes. Pork came out with a decent bark (probably could work on it). I took it off at 194, I was sick of waiting. Last two times had some problems or dying fuel so I pulled at 190. There was tons of fat I pulled off for those times.

It seemed like this time all that fat melted and seeped into the remaining meat. This stuff just melted in my mouth!! I forgot the ingredients for the finishing sauce but with a tad of the bark the spices went great.

For my water pan I used a more diluted version of the brine I used for the pork.

I will post the brine and rub ingredients tommorow, but they were pretty much direct copies of some recipies from the "Legends of Texas BBQ" book.

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Feels good when it comes together don't it? :{) Congrats! Keep on smokin'!
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WTG! Sounds like success!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Glad to hear it worked out for you! Nothin like fine vittles to eat especially when you create them yourself!
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