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Brisket and a turkey

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Couple of questions from the start. Do you guys do a mustard rub on the brisket? AND spray it with juice or is it one or the other. Next question. You guys ever smoked one of the solution enhanced turkeys? Do you still brine it? seems pointless its already juiced up right?

Oh theyll be some q view as well.
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For me...I use a dry rub, no mustard. Then spritz with apple cider/H2O
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I use cheap yellow mustard on mine and spray with half capt morgan and half apple juice,
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Here are a couple links that offer some information on using mustard, and not using mustard. The "using mustard" thread starts out with a question about using it on a pork loin, but provides additional posts on why people are using it.

not using mustard

using mustard

Regardless if you use it or not, good luck with the brisket smoke!
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Thx, I went with mustard. Ive never used it before on brisket but I do love it on pork. Bark is never bad.
Anybites on the turkey question?
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I use mustard then rub. I also inject butter or cajun or garlic butter or ?? or get my idea biggrin.gif
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Check out WalkingDude's thread about his mom's birthday turkey...might give you a bit more insight about the turkey......

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Well, I didnt brine the turkey. I shouldve. I just wanted to experiment with one of those pumped birds. Next time get the unpumped and pump it my self. Still it tasted good. I used 1/3rds cherry, oak ,and hickory.

The brisket You see i curved on the rib rack so i wouldnt have to cut her.
I used mustard and rub, spritzed with apple juice and rum. Here you see her after 6 hours going into a wrap. Shes still in the oven now.
I do like the mustard for I do like the bark. Especially in an electric smoker at low heat its nice to have that crust.

Ill post some more when I cut her open.
For her i used 2/3 cherry and 1/3 oak.
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Talk to me about curving the brisket!!! What's that about?
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I believe he had to do that cause he didnt have enough room in the smoker?? Didnt want to cut it in half??
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Mustard on pork, then the rub (Jeff's)

Nothing on Beef except the rub (Zack's)

Brine first then Mayo on birds. (no rub)

Thats what works for me anyway.
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I'm right there with Jimbo, 'cept I use Tone's Canadian Steak Seasoning* as the brisket rub. Is a very course blend of salt, black peper, garlic, onion, red pepper and "spices" (unknown).

* Costco or Sam's, can't remember where I bought since I switched to Costco - new one built 5 miles closer than Sam's)
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Oh, thank you. I though maybe it was a technique I hadn't heard of yet.
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Sorry cinn, I didnt see that. Yea, Ive been smoking in a bradley so space is limited and Ive found this is the best way to semi stand the brisket up.
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That's pretty nifty!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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