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Brined...got salt?

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New guy here.

I just brined a Brisket overnight and cooked it up. To say it was a bit salty would be an understatement. Here’s the basic recipe:

1 gal H2O
1 cup Kosher Salt (non- iodized)
½ cup Brown sugar
Spices – garlic, Bay leaves, pepper…

I understand the osmosis part of the brining process and the “fact†that the salt water is the first to leach out of the meat. Granted we don’t use much salt on anything we cook, but; this pretty much sucked. I also thoroughly washed off the Brisket after the brining. The smoking was long and slow. What did I do wrong?


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I'm not sure doesn't sound like you brined to long and you rinsed it well. I'm sure someone with the answer will be along
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Weird... don't sound like ya went wrong anywhere. UNLESS... was it a brisket? Or a corned beef?
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I thought a brined bisket is corned beef?
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