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Blues Hog

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Anybody ever heard of Blues Hog BBQ sauce? I heard a few guys talking about it today and said the only place they knew of to get it was a place way up in KC. But they said it was some really good sauce that I need to try. These were 2 KCBS judges that just happenned to be at the same place at the same time. I did a web search and found their website and they sell right off of there. But I wanted an opinion if anyone here has one of the sauce.
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AWSOME stuff, the owner, Bill Arnold is a great guy also, i would highly recommend it
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makes jayhawks sooooo delicious. Just had to jab ya w/ that one. Wildcat here. Congrats to the hawk lovers. Kills me to say it.
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you be outnumbered wayside.........looks like THREE of us hawks here...........LOLOLOL
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Blue's Hog is AWESOME, out of the sauces I have tried I would love to be able to duplicate it in my own sauce making, its something speacial, and a sauce you will remember! Buy it!!
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I ordered me a bottle of it off their website. These guys tell me that some people put this stuff on ice cream. I think I'll save the ice cream for hot fudge, bananas and nuts .
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Great sauce. I don't use it on everything though, as it can be a little overpowering in my opinion; especially if I am more interested in the smoke flavor. Perhaps I shouldn't put as much on. There's also a Blues Hog rub which is great as well.
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Boss, have you tried to duplicate it?, i have over the last year. My mom has a knack for being able to duplicate various sauces for salads and such, we worked on it a few times, and got somewhat close, well this morning i threw some bbq sauce together and besides being thinner, my youngest dot and i really can't tell the difference. she has almost ate it all just "testing " it. But for the price, if you can get it in store, is hard to beet.

And Blues Hog also has a great "Tennessee Red" sauce and musterd sauce
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Hi guys, does anyone know where I can find Blues Hog or Head Country in Southern California?

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Wal-Mart & Amazon have it online.
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