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new from Wisconsin

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Hi there,

I am new at smoking I have never done it before. I built a refrigerator smoker with electric elements for making sausage and maybe try some other things like ribs and such. I have been reading some threads already and all of you seem very knowledgeable about smoking and I look forward to learning many things from all of you.

Thank you in advance for all your help
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Welcome Rich....glad you found us! Feel free to ask any questions you may have....lots of knowledgeable folks here that are more than willing to answer back!

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welcome aboard rich,glad you found us-and ya we think we know a thing or 2-maybe were right somtimes-take some pics of that fridge-we like pics.
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Welcome aboard............Great to have you here..............You might want to take the 5day ecourse..............
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I was going to try some ribs this weekend and I have a question I was told that you have to cure them, the person also told me I had to cure everything that I smoke is this true or is that only true for cold smoking
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Welcome to the forum Rich. Lots of info here and tons of people with smokin smarts. Got a question, just ask. We will help.
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I will try to get pics this weekend of the fridge to post
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welcome to the SMF.
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Welcome Rich

Welcome to the smf Rich. Nice people on here to help you get started. Take Jeff's 5 day E-course it will help with the basics and then some.

Happy Smokin

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Welcome aboard Rich. You have come to the right place for help and info, if it isnt in here a person probaly dont need it... These are a GREAT bunch of people and full of knowledge..
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Welcome to the SMF!!!
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Welcome Rich. Can't wait to see your smoker. Ribs this weekend sounds like a good idea.
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Welcome rich, this site and the folks here are a great wealth of info.. Cant wait to see your fridge/smoker... I always enjoy seeing what others have drempt up. see ya around the site.
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You don't cure everything you smoke. Ribs are usually "rubbed" and wrapped the night before you smoke them. Then onto the smoker, for really tender fallin off the bone type ribs, use the 3-2-1 method listed here on the site. A "cure" in the truer since of the word is used to stop bacterial growth during a long cooking process at lower temps. We do some curing by adding salts, sugars and smoke. This is more preserving then curing however. It sounds technical, but don't get scarred off by the lingo. Smokin foods is very enjoyable and can be stress releiving, just use the resources on this site.

Pork butt's are not cured, brisket is not cured, fatty's are not cured, It would be easier to list things that are. Some examples of cured meats are: bacon, hams and some sausages. This is do to the type of product being made and the form of cooking being done.

Cruise around the site here some, do some searches and look on the left side bar, there are many of the things your goin to wan't to smoke listed and how to do them. Always feel free to ask questions, someone or many will have an answer for you, where to find the answer or show you how they did theres. It's a right friendly neighborhood. Good luck.
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Geez rich: got busy answerin your question and forgot to welcome you to the site, so here it is: Welcome aboard and glad to have ya!
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Welcome to the forum Rich!smile.gif
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thanks already for the answers and the great welcome from you all its nice to know there still are good people around, you guys are great!

Rich icon_smile.gif
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Welcome to SMF. Pull up a beer and grab a chair. Plenty of good stuff to learn here, so get comfortable.
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welcome to smf rich. dont forget to checkout the old threads, share some smokes
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