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Junk Private message, I think???

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Hey guys, recieved what appears to be a junk PM... from a New user with no posts... do I need to fwd this to a Moderator or just ignore it... Its really a strange one.thanks
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Oh crap, just read cucguys post , nevermind...sorry
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Yeah, I got a junk PM. How do you give the moderator a heads up?
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We know about it and it has been taken care of.
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I got a private message from a Patricia2....something about buddism. I deleted it. Hopefully we don't get anymore of these, but chances are we will.
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i have been told i look like buddha
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Chances are you won't. :)

Patricia2 is now banned.
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Thanks Ron50...........I got that one too..........I seen you guys had already got it taken care of..........Thanks again..........
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I had that same problem at another forum. It was just patricia there.
Spammers are catching on how to be more discrete.
They try to PM normal members when some of the normal members are masked and have decimating privileges. BAM! never knew what hit em!wink.gif

The only thing I can't figure out is what to do with this buddah statue?
I tried to rub smoky okies belly but he didn't go for it.PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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