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Has anyone tried the HiMountain Bourbon BBQ Blend jerky seasoning????? Dying to find out how it is because I want to order some up. Love BBQ jerky!!;
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Haven't tried it, but here is mine----

Smoken Steve’s Beef Jerky (top round roast)Temp:160 & 200
Prep time: 1 hr previous night Cook Time: 5 hr + Weight: 3lb@1.99
1- 3 lb top round roast
Marinade: 1+ cp of soy sauce, 6 tb canola ,6 tb brn sugar, 3 tb cooking sherry, 3 tb hot sauce, 2+ cloves garlic minced, 1 tee each of ……ground ginger, pepper, dry mustard, 1 tee + of onion pdwr.Notes:
These tips make excellent steak tips if pulled early or cooked a little faster.

Method: Slice ¼†thick pieces from top round roast discarding any fat pieces. Marinate overnight.

Sprinkle with fresh ground pepper before putting in smoker!! Smoke at 160 degrees for 1 ½ hours, then fade from wood to propane for fuel to prevent over smoking, Cook at 180 to 200 for another 3 ½ hours or till the jerky slightly cracks(remember it will dry some more after cooling. Let smoker cool with jerky in it. Total rack time 5 to 6 hours.
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Never tried it but, I hear that their shipping costs are extreme. I just seen the Hi mountain products for sale at a store up in brown city. It's called bens. I am going there wed. They also carry LEM products. Grinders, Stuffers, Slicers, Seasonings and have a great meat dept. aimed at people who like to grind and cut there own.
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even some of our grocery stores carry highmountain........they have a store locator........but to answer your question...........give it a shot........and please report back...........
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PotatoC , I've tried all of Himountain's jerky cures for beef ,except the inferno , which happens to be on order .... and the bourbon bbq I found to be A HUGE DISAPOINTMENT , IMHO ... didn't taste like bbq sauce to me for sure ....

my favorite is the cracked pepper n garlic , along with the sweet n spicy and original ...

I didn't even use all the bourbon bbq ... ended up using the cure from the package and chucking the seasoning ...

but I guess to know for sure , you gotta give it a try wink.gif
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have never used hi mountian for jerky but use there season-cure for buckboard,I really like it-use my own rubs for jerky,have put links in here for 850 diff rubs. and steve yours sounds like a good teryaki- which I make my own homeaid.
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Steve yours down sound real good!! T-Bone thanks for the info, I will try it, but cautiously!! I love HiMountain Inferno... It is hot, and I have people who like it hot; honestly, to hot for me. Been happy with HiMountain seasonsings... Here in Michigan, we have a place called the Dublin Country Store(besides a gastation it is the town!!!) and they make over 30 flavors of jerky. They make the best BBQ jerky I have ever had and not a fan of $10 a pound, so really want to try my own. But if your in Michigan you better check out the Dublin Store!!!!
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Its easy,

Its easy, and not so spicy that only I want to eat it. I give it out for gifts and so far so good. I am careful not to over smoke it so that people aren't overwhelmed with it---I just smoke for a couple hours then switch to my propane for the rest of the cook:-)
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