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Hey guys,

Here is a playlist of some new videos of Twiggy in action:-)
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Steve, it's nice to see this thread again since it was lost in the crash. Thanks for resurrecting it. The new video was good too. The last cook on Cooper was 4 chicken quarters with just some S&P. Came out great!
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Some Questions

Very nice little units you have made there! Great way to keep good HEAVY scba tanks out of the scrap yard by giving them a useful second life. I am a volunteer fireman/paramedic with out local fire department and know just how heavy those are to carry on your back. We are finally putting the last of them out of service here, thank God!
We have recycled several aluminum tanks (ie. flat bottom) tanks that were no longer useable into lamps to give away at our annual Christmas party. Not something the wives want in the living room, but nice in a den, basement bar etc. They are starting to be hard to even give away! We have been looking for something different to do and I think I have found just what to do with our old steel bottles.
Not being one to reinvent the wheel, I have a few questions about how you built yours if you don’t mind. The plan is to build four at this time, one to give away at the party, one to donate to our county fireman’s association to raffle off with proceeds to benefit a scholarship fund we started, one to sell to offset costs in building them, and one for me (sorry, a little selfish here, I just have to have one!)

Here are the questions.
  • I noticed in one of the pics a small notch in the lower left corner of the grill door opening, is that on purpose or a little overzealous cutting? Looks like it might be a notch to let the wire for a digital thermometer pass to the outside for inserting into the meat while the unit is warming up.
  • How did you close up the air valve hole at the top of the tank?
  • How did you set up the propane, is it an off the shelf burner, make your own if so, how did you do it? What did you use for valve/regulator on the bottle?
  • Hinges, did you make your own?
  • The flat stock around the smoker door, appears to be stitch/tack welded in places, is it completely welded on the inside or does it not have to be sealed that well?
  • Tires that close to the fire box, has that been a problem?
  • What size are the wheels?
  • The door stop you talked about in the video to hold the smoker door ajar, how did you make it? Is it adjustable?
I think this is all the questions for now. Ever think of putting plans together to sell on ebay, here, or on your site?


PS send me an email, can send ya a pic of how I like to do things different from the norm and maybe explain why I’m so interested in this project! It’s on the opposite end of the spectrum, not mini but rather large!

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hey steve i just watched your playlist, gotta tell ya i reallylike those wheel chocks ya got there LMAO!PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Hey Steve,

I would like to know what the mini reverse flow are selling for??
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This is a cool build...... Dave

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Bad ass

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Originally Posted by Earache_My_Eye View Post

How cool is that!! can see it now.....all the rage in the Japanese smoking meats market.....LOL

I laughed...laugh1.gif

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Steve thanks for the inspiration! pretty sure it was this build that gave me the motivation to start my Scuba-Q

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