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Hello From the Dallas / Fort Worth Area

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Well, I am brand new to smoking. I have been grilling for years, but have never smoked anything. Today will be my first attempt. My son and I bought a small Char-Broil smoker yesterday and today we will attempt to smoke some baby back ribs.

Any tips anyone has will be much appreciated, especially concerning the temp. of the meat. I bought a meat thermometer, but I am not sure what the temp should be for when the ribs are done. I will be using hickory wood with mixture of charcoal. Does that sound right?

I am so glad I found this fourm and I look forward to learning from everyone here. Thanks, Rick.
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Welcome to the SMF!! I wouldn't be to concerned with meat temps with spares or baby backs. Keep the smoker at about 225 or so, use the 3 - 2 - 1 method (found on thise site), don't trust the temp gauge that came with the unit but use something like a Maverick to keep close tabs on the smoker temps. When you can move the bones pretty easy they are done. I can usually count on about 5 - 6 hours if I keep my temps in the 225 range. If you really want to check the temp of the meat it should be 172 degrees.
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welcome to the sight. Please read up on a couple things before you start. First you must "season that smoker".Second you want to know the actual temp at the cooking grate, not on the lid of the smoker. Once you know that( use a cheap oven therm w/ dial, and place it right on the grate next to the meat and leave it there) you will be able to relate that temp with the one on the lid and avoid opening the lid to check temps! Hope that makes sense. Next read to the left of this page in the column about Jeff's recipes and techniques, there is a 3-2-1 rib, click on it and read it! You will be alot happier if you do those things before you put them ribs on, I promise!

We can help ya!
Now go get the smoker wiped down and start that seasoning!
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almost forgot, sign - up for the free 5 day ecourse. It is a must to help you transform from a "griller" to a "smoker".cool.gif
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All good advice, so I have nothing to add other than remember to season your smoker before the first smoke.
Welcome to SMF. Lots of good folks here that will guide you on your journey into the magical world of smoke cooking.
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Boy, you guys are fast!!!!

Thanks so much. Yes, I am about to start seasoning the grill now and then after lunch or so, my son and I will start smoking. Thanks to everyone who replied. Thanks, Rick.
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Welcome aboard from another Texan, Haltomcity here. Looks like you have gotten some good advice allready. Be sure to pull the membrane off the ribs first. I usually soak my ribs in apple juice around 3 hrs then rub with mustard and then Jeffs rib rub. Keep the smoker temp around 225-230* and spray with apple juice every hour. I dont foil because I like a little chew to them, when they pull back on the bone about 1/4" and try to break apart when you pick them up there done.
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Welcome to the SMF Rick...glad to have you
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Looks like you are ready to go with all the good info on these post. Nothing to add but WECOME!!

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Thanks everyone for the kind welcomes. You certainly are a bunch of friendly folks here. I actually live in Granbury, about 35 miles SW of Fort Worth. I have only been here about 6 years. Before that, I lived in Arlington for over 20 years.

Yes, I will take some photos and post them later. icon_smile.gif
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welcome to smf.
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Welcome to the site...................
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Glad to have you with us, Rick! Look forward to your future posts and q-vue. Here's a helpful link to posting q-vue, in case you need it:

Good luck!
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