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Welcome to SMF. This is THE place to be. Another simple thing to smoke first is a meatloaf. Be sure and add a jar of picante sauce to the mixture, gives it extra flavor. Happy smoking.

You do know those fatties are ADDICTING!!!!!biggrin.gif
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Newb here

Hey all!

Stumbled across this site some time back and have been reading and looking at all those Q-Views. Needless to say I just HAD to purchase a smoker...so here I am.

Equipment: Smoke Hollow30166E <--Hey, had to start somewhere :)

Location: NW Iowa <-- From what I have read...Yep I'm another one

I have seasoned by smoker by doing a 2 'smokes' of just olive oil sprayed all over on the inside and 2 'smokes' of Mesquite only. Each one was about 2 hours in length. Needless to say I'm going to give it my all this weekend (even though it's supposed to snow and be cold) with a lil pulled pork, beef ribs, corn and maybe some ABT...Nothing like jumping in with both both feet.
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Fresh meat

Hello to all in the smoking world. I'm new to this level of smoking, so i will need all the help i can get. I got a smoke n pit for christmas and did all the seasoning and i even bought a different temp gauge for it. After reading the blogs on this site and going through the five day course, I'm trying to get these mods done without spending to much money. The diagram Jeff posted looks complicated to make at home, any advise will greatly appreciated.
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