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1\4 Cow!!!

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Just got a 1/4 cow for 2.02 a lb. processed Ohhhhhhhh the possibitilies!!
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Good work cubguy...which quarter did you get??? 1st 2nd 3rd or 4th?

Great deal!!!
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Touchdown guy-we know whats going on your smoker in comming many#s?
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I'm sure you know you got a great deal. I just sold about 6 beef to various friends and coworkers, most of it 1/2, 1/4, or even 1/8 at a time. Sure can't do it that cheap though. Hope its good beef. Enjoy!
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I get 1/2 hogs here 90#s from well known butcher-Iowa pork $180 in 10 years came across 1 salty ham-other than that been REAL happy.
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It really stinks, we don't even have any local butchers. How is that? Its not a really a small town. There are a few guys who will process venison and stuff it you bring it to them but come on.
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in virginnie?
no amish around out in the country..........shakers?
try them bert
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youll love that i buy a 1/4 or a 1/2 every yr. cant beat it .i usually pay about 2.10.icon_smile.gif
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Bought a 1/4 year b4 last pretty good flavor 3.09 lb cut and wrapped.
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Around here i am the local butcher. No one else cuts here, you'd drive two hours to get to the next guy. The guy i am apprenticing under pretty much gave all his buisness to me so i am a busy guy. I don't do all the prepared meat though like ham and bacon. Cut wrap grind . That costs 50 cents a pound. Sausage is extra. That is one of the reasons i have been paying so much attention to this website, tons of good info. Thanks for the help and keep getting those local guys cutting your meat or they'll all disapear.
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Nice deal. How many pounds is a quarter beef?? and what kind of cuts do you get?
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It was 240 lb's...170lb's after processing. It was part of the front and part of the rear of the cow so I got a lot of hamberger and some decent steaks and some nice roasts. I won't have to buy any beef for a long time. Haven't done anything with it yet, but soon, very very soon.
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Good deal cub guy...there is mass q-view in your future.
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did you get the left handed brisket......or the right handed one?
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Congrats on the good deal..............
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I have come across a good deal like that thru my father in law two years in a row... problem is both times it has hit in deer season.... freezer was on its way to fullness!! Have had a few good deer seasons and not had room ....

good deal!! lets see some qview... get her smokin!
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You're right about that! Mine disappeared recently. Figures I was working for low wages when he was around, and now that I can pay a little more for better steaks he folds up shop. Hopefully someone will take his place.
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Sounds like a good deal. Its hard to turn down good deals.
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congrats on your purchse, as you may have read bertjo44 we do not have any local butcher's it must be nice.
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