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A shoulder clod is the lower portion of the chuck over the short ribs. It produces the cross rib roast. It's a decent pot roast although not as nice as a blade. The point is... you can make it good for cheap but you'll make something better for a couple of extra bucks. My clods all get ground.
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Kreuz Market/Lockhart, TX

Shoulder clod has always been used at the world famous Kreuz Market in Lockhart, TX. I believe they now offer brisket as well, but back in The Day they just cooked up the clod. I saw this in the great little book, "Texas Barbecue". Kreuz is pronounced 'Krites'
Dusty (first post)
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Hia Dusty, welcome to SMF. Stop into the Roll Call forum and give us an intro post...we're nosy ya'see.. LOL!

And that place and it's clod recipe is featured in Mike Mill's book "Peace, Love and BBQ".
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Where is the Q-view Rich?
Is there enough leftovers for all of usPDT_Armataz_01_11.gif ?
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LOL... Sorry Mo. If I Q-viewed everything I cooked my pict place would shoot me :{) And I only did a third of it. It's good, but honestly I prefer brisket over the clod. I'm gonna do another hunk of it in a couple weeks and change a few things, but I need some burger too. Think that third might end up in a 50% mix with pork for another fatty or 4 heh!
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C'mon rich...this post generated a lot of interest and comments the least you could do is reward us with ONE pic...geezzzzPDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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no didn't happen................BWHAHAHAHA
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OK fine. I'll go open a bag and take a pict. Sheesh.
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LOL.I belive ya Rich. (well?)
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Here... criminey! It DID happen! The tree STILL fell, folks, regardless if any of ya heard it! I chopped it up and smoked the clod with it!

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I for 1 feel better now! never doubted it.
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Looks awesome...thx PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Points for going to all that trouble!!!
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Sounds like ya needed a whole tree just to smoke that dude!

You are my hero, you stuck with it, even though I know you were growing impatient!.

Learning is fun!icon_mrgreen.gif
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I ran into some Texans and they suggested smoking a clod. They said it's like a big Brisket Point. As soon as I get a bigger smoker the clod will the first smoke.
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I saw them on the Food Network one time. They have a killer pit.
I'm going to give them a visit before I leave this earth.
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