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I bought two

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I bought two $20 digital remote temp gauges at Wally World only to find out that I can only use one at a time. I worked it out by turning one off when I wanted to check the temp of the other. (Meat or Smoker) Is this normal? Did I have to buy two different brands maybe?
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I may have the same one you've got. I think I'm getting a second for my birthday this week. After I get it I'll let you know if I have the same experience that you are having. Are the sensor bases close together?
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You may want to entertain getting a two meat temperature probe wireless Maverick ET-7 for less tha $40 including shipping from Amazon.
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you might take the backs off of both the Transmitter and the reciver and see if they have dip switchs that you can change. Just a guess
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Wow, I just bought one today. It's the "smart bbq remote grill temp meter". It looks pretty neat. I plan on using it while preparing a ribeye this weekend. I just tested it and it looks like it will work fine. I guess I'll see how it works Sunday.
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