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Water pan for chickens??

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I have a ECB. Well... you see it. It's my avatar. Any way, I smoked some chickens tonight. I have read here that a good average temp for poultry is 325. I couldn't get that and keep it tonight. It seemed to be b/c of my water pan. I have read where part of the waters use is to regulate temp with steam. I think I read about 225 or something? But... when I took my water pan out, the grease went straight to the coals and caused flare ups. So it seems like danged if I do and danged if I don't. I've read about sand in the water pan. Maybe that's the ticket for birds?

What do you guys think?
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Sand in the sand pan is the ticket for all your smoking!! PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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I smoke two birds at a time in my ele. ecb with water pan at 250 with great success.
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Sand is a good way to go. Or, if you dont want to use it, and keep the "flavor bombs" from hitting the coals, wrap the empty pan in foil to catch them.
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Anyway you look at it, in a smoker or not, 325 is grilling. I always do my poultry, turkey or chicken, at 225. Smoking needs to be Low and Slow.

Just my 0.02
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I find no advantage to low n slow for poultry.
325* is a good temp i think, get's you juicy AND crispy skin as opposed to rubber!
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I have yet to do whole yard bird in the smoker-since doing my first beer butt long ago on the grill rear flame going, bird in front- cover closed cept for a crack,basted throughout. If it ain't broke don't fix it.oh and of course brined overnite. just my 2 centavos.
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I agree, but it's still grilling ....
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