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Today - Fatty & Country Ribs Qview

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After the blizzard that hit Ohio yesterday, there's no stopping me today!!!! 14 inches of snow on the ground & starting temps at 16 degrees.

Starting with a hot italian sausage (fresh from the butcher) fatty with eggs, bacon, & cheese. & adding country style ribs & potatoes later. Here's the start.... (First time trying pics, so let me know if it doesn't work)

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Well...another early AM cook! Lookin' good... and I'm SOOO glad I am far enough north to have missed all that snow... we have had ENOUGH!

Nice lookin' start. What ya smoking on? Don't forget you can wrap the smoker if you need to help keep in the heat.
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Using a Masterbuilt (Cabelas) electric smoker. Trying out cherry wood for the first time.

With the electric smoker, it's actually a struggle to keep the temps down, even with the cold temps. I'm using a Maverick Wireless Redi-Check thermometer & it keeps climbing on me.
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Ahhh an advantage for us cold weather folk. Is there a top vent in that unit? If not there SHOULD be.
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Yes. There is a top vent & it's vented wide open.
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Welll have a temp control..and it's turned down? Weird...
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Nice looking start to the day. I am getting some country ribs ready also. I am also going to do some baked beans and ABTs.

Now I'm hungry!
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What type of temps are you talking about? Most electrics I am familer with can do about 250º at best, which is a good temp.

As to you first try at photos. Kinda big. Since you are using Photobucket, in the upload area is a blue link titled OPTIONS. Select 800 x 600 or smaller and you photos will then be a size that will keep us from scrolling right, to view all the photo and read all the text.
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My electric smoker is capable of grilling as well (not sure why you'd want to grill something using electric??). When I had the fatty on there by itself, I was having a hard time keeping temps under 250. After adding the ribs, temps stabilized.

My fatty has arrived......& disappeared.

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Thats a fine lookin fatty!
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lookin good.
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Great looking grub................Nice fatty.....................
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The ribs are done!!! I brushed every hour with Carolina Treet sauce.

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Looks good. I did some country style ribs earlier in the week but had to bake them as I have had the flu all week icon_rolleyes.gif
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yum yum!!!!!
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Looks like a mighty tastey plate!
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