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Good for you for making the tongue.  My wife would have a reaction similar to many here.  Not me -- I love it all.  Going to be coo  king up some beef heart soon!  Now I need to find a beef tongue and give this a shot.


Plus....when you lick your lips while eating that delicious tongue sammie....the sammie licks you back!

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Originally Posted by ECTO1 View Post

Beef tongue is OK but beef Heart is great!!

When I was a youngun (back in the 70's) my grandma would cook a beef heart every easter for the family gathering.  I never knew if it has religious significgance, or it was just that we butchered a steer every spring, but damn, that was a good meal.  I've had tongue, but it was so long ago, and I was so young, I dont really remember much about it.  I might try smoking one now that I've seen this thread, and see if I can gross out my kids :)


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for all you folks out there that can't stand the thought of tongue you don't know what your missing out on , its delicious . i say " bite the bullet " and try it just once , you'll be a convert . remember , nobody ever died from eating tongue

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that looks great!!!!  I love beef tongue!!!drool.gif

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    Thanks for the q-veiw Tony!

Originally Posted by Pgeobc View Post

Beef Tongue is quite good cured and smoked, too.

    I think I am gonna try to smoke some pork tongue this week should be tasty just gotta figure out how.  Maybe Ill brine em first? 

Originally Posted by dhedges53 View Post

Finally, I found a thread for beef tongue. I was shocked at the number of posts of people who would have nothing to do with tongue. It's a muscle. Like the brisket, like ribs, like steaks. If you want to "dis" a particular cut, stick to internal organs, like liver and kidneys. I love tongue. But, then again, I was raised to have a broad view of various foods. Yes, I eat sushi, yes, I eat calves liver, yes, I eat oysters (raw, fried, SMOKED, or in soup). Hey, I'll try anything once. Isn't that the way to experience all that people love on this planet?

    YES tongue is delicious I dont know how many people I have gotten to try the legua tacos (onion cilatro lime) YUM they always come back for more!  We serve em at work occasionally and always sell out. 


    Please keep a open mind everything is delicious to someone(thing). 

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Nice flavor. I enjoy it with Frijoles and Salsa. Hot , it makes an almost brisket flavor( if you Rub it with your Spices.


Still fairly cheap , considering all the increases on everything else.....


Have fun and...

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OK, reviving an older post! I'm thawing out a beef tongue and was looking for a recipe and technique for smoking it! I guess I'll have to wing it!
I think I'll pressure cook it and then I'll smoke it for a couple hours! Wish me luck.
I don't think the wife will try it.
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In my house we braise it long and slow. Then peel it and slice it. Then it goes back in the oven on a bed of lima bean puree.  It is delicious. It is my Mother in Laws recipe. I do want to smoke one though. I think I would score the skin brine it then do a long slow smoke. It  would also  work well to do a dry cure for 10 days then rinse and smoke it. I would score it first to allow the cure to penetrate. the meat. Let us know how yous works out.

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i have one in the freezer and was thinking about trying to smoke it,now to just do it!

i couldnt get enough tongue growing up.

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Originally Posted by White Cloud View Post

You know his girlfriend?


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Thanks for the post now i have a idea how to do mine tomorrow. Boil, peel hit with brisket rub and into smoker with some oak pellets in the AMNPT. :pot:

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I was wondering? Can I pressure cook it this tonight & Smoke it tomorrow?
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It would be worth a try. Once it is cooked it is easily peeled. But it is also good just boiled. You can treat it like corned beef and cook it with spices.

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I pressure cooked the tongue the night before. Then smoked it the next day. It turned out awesome. It was by far not what I expected. It tastes just like roast beef.
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Was the tongue fully cooked in the pressure cooker, as in, ready to eat? How long and what temps did you have it in the smoker? How did you serve it, sandwichs or ? Interested in doing one myself and just trying to gather info on techniques.TIA 

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I pressure cooked for 45 minutes. Then smoked for two hours at 215 degrees with Apple wood.
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When done right tongue is the best pot roast you'll ever eat.

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Originally Posted by jlewber View Post

I pressure cooked for 45 minutes. Then smoked for two hours at 215 degrees with Apple wood.
where was the qview!?! I'd be giving points for some!
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I love beef heart, tongue, and liver. Cold Sammie with beef tongue or heart are my favorite and don't last but a day around my appetite for it.
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This thread is six years old, and nobody is crying "necro".  Add that to the list of reasons I like this place.


On a side note, I'd like to try some of that tongue, just because it seems gross.  That's the reason I tried sushi the first time.  Now, I can't get enough of it!!

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