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Hello from the TRIBE

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Good day from utah. I am excited to have found this site as I am so new to smoking that i still have not accuired a smoker yet. I have smoked a few things in a brinkman "bullet" style smoker my father got as a prise from interstate battery, but it was way to small to do much.(therr or four pices of chicken max!) The new-nes makes me want to start small and basic iI have lookes around and dont really want to start with an electric but dont nessisarily want wood or charcole to start. Thinking of a propain, mabey the Camp Chef Smoke Box. anyone have one for some feed back. I am VERRY interested in all the help and advice I can get however and about any pary of the prosses. As a final question I have been told that a Weber gas Grill whith a burner specificly for a smoke box will give the same effect as a real smoker but i just dont see how. Toughts??? Thanks for your time. The HORNYTRIBE
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Welcome to the site.............Great to have you here............Lots of great info. here.............
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howdy tribe,sorry I can't help you on a gas unit-I use ECB's and a homeaid-go with coal,wood or electric after the temps are right and to finish off-won't be long till sombody shows up and sifers what your saying and will chime-look into the e course It's alot of help.
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Welcome aboard!
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Glad you joined us, welcome to SMF !!!
If smoke is getting to the food you are smoking, after that it is fuel/heat choice. Electric is fairly simple, propane has a fast recovery, charcoal generates ample heat; then you have stick burning which is most "authentic" type of smoking. Charcoal and stick burners require the most time spent watching the temperatures of the smoker. If you get addicted to smoking, with time you may have one of each !!!
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Welcome Tribe. You may want to find the thread for stories on how you came up with you name. Looks interesting.
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hey there welcome to smf. I do have a suggestion on a smoker. I like the propane that i have however if you pick one out get one with a wide door and a wide body.
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