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spare rib trimmings?

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Getting ready to smoke a St Louis style rib, after trimming up using the info here-
Question is, do I bother throwing the extra 'trimmings' in the smoker?? I guess these would be rib tips, but I'm not sure-
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YES!!! There are a whole lot of uses for them not to mention some early snacks!!
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I always put the trimmings in. They go great in Dutch's Wicked Beans and they make nice snacks for the cook and any assistants. icon_smile.gif
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Yes indeed. have tham as a snack during your smoke, they will be done before the ribs, or save them for your next batch of baked beans. Yum!!icon_mrgreen.gif
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Personally I just remove the membrane, rub and smoke em like they are.

But if you insist on trimming I would still smoke the trimming too.

Hope to see some Q-View
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OK, In they go! Hopefully they'll be done in time to go into Dutch's beans...MMMM! Gonna be a GREAT day today!
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Standing by for Q-VUE ...
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ok, that does it. Now I'm going to do some spares tomorrow. I always have tough spares, so am hoping this time will be better!
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Out of curiosity ... what have you been smoking your spares at, and to, temperature-wise to result in tough spares?

Slow and low ... 225 smoker temp for 6 hours always has resulted in tender and juicy ribs for me. rolleyes.gif
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You MUST smoke 'dem TIPS/SKIRTS...and you MUST bring them TO ME<<!!!!!
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jaynik, you have to try the 3-2-1 method. I used it for the first time last week and had the best ribs I've turned out so far!
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