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what wood?

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I have Cherry, Hickory, or maple...I am going to be getting ready to smoke a Brisket..what wood would be best for this?
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I would say any and all of the above. Its all about what you like!!!

Good luck with the brisket PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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well I use apple for ribs...and love that...but didnt know what was common for brisket....I think I may go with Hickory
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Any or all of the above would be great. Some like a smokier taste some milder. Hickory is the strongest out of the three, then the maple then the cherry.

I don't smoke any beef but for pork I usually use hickory or pecan. I save the fruit woods like apple and cherry for the poultry.

You can't go wrong with any of them!!
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Would it be wise to mix like maple, and Cherry together?
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I never have but can't imagine it would be bad. Cherry is super mild and maple is not very strong either.
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play with 1 wood-no need to mix at this point-hickory mesquite-brings strong flavor-fruits give a milder taste-good for fowl-fish-no need to mix strong & fruit-
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as far as brisket I would go with hickory
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I would mix Hickory and Cherry, this combo seems to work for just about everything.
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You want TEXAS style...BEEF & MESQUITE...

I prefer (actually, my wife) a 'lighter smoke'...Hickora'

--apple wood combo...with my pork
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