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First Brisket?

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I am going to do my first brisket this weekend and i had a couple questions.I have a offset smoker do i put fat side up or down and do you have to foil?I have smoked a pork butt before and i put fat side down and i came out great dont know if beef would act the same or dry out.Any other tips & tricks would be great.The brisket is 6 pounds and i believe its what you call the flat part.I plan on cooking till 195-200 to pull.
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I've done it both ways. Fatcap down gives a much better bark but fatcap up is just a tad moister. I almost always go cap down.

The last one I did I marinated it in Mojo. Italian dressing is good as well. Then I always put a rub on. I've used a homemade Memphis Rub and Jeff's Rub as well.

Here are some pice from the last one, cap down, Mojo and Jeff's Rub as one was sliced and one puilled.

If you're going for pulled, then remove it when you get to 195 and wrap with foil for awhile (30-45 mins). Let the juices redistribute and while that's happening, you'll get another 5 degrees in the meat.
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looks great thanks.so the only time you wrapped it was when it reached 195?
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Just like abelman said some guys do cap up and some down. I do my cap up and I do not trim the cap at all until after it is done. I smoke mine w/ out foil until it reaches approx. 160* then I pan and foil it to 195*. At this point you can just let it rest for a bit and let the juices redisribute or wrap it it foil and towels and stick in an ice chest(no ice, funny I have had people ask me that before) and let it rest for a couple of hrs. This will also help if the brisket is done before a party or get together for holding purposes. If you like a nice bark, which I do. You can foil to 160*-190*, unfoil, stick it back on the smoker "naked" to 195* then simply let it rest for 20 min.
Then again some guys don't use any foil at all.....
Good Luck and take some pics!!!
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