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Another Fresh Face

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Hi All

I've been smoking for several years now and I am just getting started in compititions this year. I started cruising the internet for helpful information to get me started. This looked like a pretty good site so i joined. Thanks in advance for all the secrets I steal.
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Welcome, welcome, we like to share here! Be sure to post some q-view!
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Welcome to the SMF pigpen!! Sounds like you will have some knowledge to share with us.
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This is your lucky day, you just became a member of the #1 smoking site on the internet !!! Quite a few knowledgable members here that are always willing to help and share ideas. Welcome to SMF !!!
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Pig pen...fresh face..hehehe.. Welcome to SMF. Always glad to have comp folks here so I can keep one step ahead ;{)
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Welcome to the forum. Any particular secrets you are looking to steal?
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I will probably be stealing from you since I just started smoking. Welcome to smf!
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Great name. welcome to the SMF.
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Welcome to the SMF!!! Check out:
They have useful info on comps....

here is a list of BBQ Comp Associations and their sites:
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Soak up the SMOKE!!
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Welcome to the family......You have come to the right place...............
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Welcome to SMF pigpen. friendly folks here.
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welcome Pigpen

welcome Pigpen,

There is no secrets in the BBQ world because there is never any thing left to prove what was in the BBQ:-)
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