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Todays Stuffed Fatty

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I did my sencond fatty this morning. I used farmland original sausage and stuffed it with diced onions and jeps and garlic and chedder cheese. Wrapped with corn king bacon and used my rub mix on it. Smoked with maple chips for about hour and a half.... Turned out great.... Much better then the last one.... I think it was the sausage, farmland much better then the store brand I used last time.....Heres the q-view............

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Why did you have to post those pics?......I just vacuum packed a bunch of sliced Fatty & put in the feezer to build up "the reserves" in the freezer ....Now I will have to go to the freezer & get out a package to thaw & eat, all because of YOUR Q-VIEW. In this case, being blamed for something should make you happy!

LOL......Looks great........What kind of Garlic did you use, I just did one last night for my neighbor with whole roasted cloves & I have not tried it yet, but he liked it. I have not seen Farmland sausage in WA, what do you think of it?
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Nice Lookin

Nice lookin fattie!!!!!!!!Love those soooo much!!!!!!!!!!
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Fishawn: Wife says you can get it up here at Fred Meyers. Never tried it though. Will have to get several to try. Costco has 3# Jimmy Dean rolls. The 6 pounders at Cash & Carry are horrible - very fat and grisily.
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I just used the garlic straight off the clove, diced it. I guess its fresh garlic... I like the farmland better then the "our family" brand I used last time. Jimmy Deans I have not tried yet. JD is expensive here.... The farmland was really good. Might try some homed sausage sometime .... I am glad I made you
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Kookie, thanks for sharing the pics & all. It has become a problem for me though, everytime I see the D@mn Q-View I need to get to the fridge or freezer for some vac-pac FATTY or to the store & get something smoking! I have sampled some outstanding food in my time, BUT, the Fatty is really
the new "Sushi".
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Congrats on the fatty. It looks Excellent...biggrin.gif
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Good job, Kookie :{)
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Nice job, those things are great.
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Good looking Fatty, Kookie. Way to go. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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yumm Kookie fatty looks great! & I seen them fingerprints before that are on the edge of the plate-I think the post office?hehe
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Great lookin' fatty!!!
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