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Poll Results: What style of BBQ is the best?

Poll expired: Mar 15, 2008 This is a multiple choice poll
  • 25% of voters (8)
    Kansas City Style
  • 12% of voters (4)
    Memphis Style
  • 32% of voters (10)
    Carolina Style
  • 29% of voters (9)
    Texas Style
31 Total Votes  
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Welcome to the forum!smile.gif
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Welcome to the forum!

What do you mean style? I'm in Texas, WE ARE BBQ, anything else is a poor imitation.

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Nice to meet you too Navion. BBQ is a way cooking over an open flame or in a smoker. The way you prepare is it's "style".
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Welcome to SMF, glad you joined us and look forward to your posts and Qveiws !!!
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Oops! Me thinks I may have offended you Vegan. That wasn't my intent, it was simply a poor attempt at Texas humor. Folks down here are mighty opinionated and I was just pandering to that. Personally I don't believe there is any BBQ style that is bad, they are all just different. The Welcome is genuine though.
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Naw! you didn't offend. I was just throwing some KC humor at your Texas humor! I think you and I are gonna get along just great.
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I think you can count on it Vegan!
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I noticed in your Signature, that you state you are an engineer. I am a AutoCAD Tech. (Drafter). What kind of Engineer are you? I'm a Civil Drafter currently but can draft just about anything. Also, with you being an engineer, where do you find the time need to smoke meat?
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Welcome and glad to have you. Would like to visit KC. Must admit though I just broke the tie that put NC style over KC and Texas on the poll. I'm in VA but grew up in NC and love the vinegar based NC bbq. Love it all actually but thats my fave. I'm pretty new too so my I can learn some from you. Have learned plenty from this site already.
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Howdy Vegan,
I started out life as a pilot and mechanic on the West Coast, I'm an Oregonian by birth and right. I studied engineering in collage got my A&P and FCC ratings back then as well, I'm aeronautics all the way. I Lost my medical 12 years ago and have worked in the MTX / OPS side of the industry ever since. I'm currently an aircraft systems engineer for "a large airline based in Houston TX". They don't care to have their name thrown out there, but you can figure it out I think. I work on avionics, hydraulics, pneumatics, anything mechanical and even some structure if no one else is available. Your right though, I have to make my own time when I can, turn off the cell phone etc. CAD rocks by the way.
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