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what do you pay

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for brisket?was in the store today just lookingand was a bit surprised at the price. never done one before but its getting close. packer brisketwas about 1.88 pnd and the flat alone was almost 4 do most smokers do the packer or the flat?later billredface.gif
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Packers only for me. $1.88lb is not too bad!! Most Ive paid was $1.99lb, and the least was $.88lb.
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I found that in cotsco you can get the lb for about 1.55 or something around there. Almost everywhere else i've looked they have it at 1.99
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We purchase brisket and pork butts at SAM's Club by the case for a discount. The prices flucuate like gasoline; but that is what we have found to be the lowest prices.
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i would be willing to pay 1.99lb.... 5.99/lb here for brisket, yes i said 5.99 a pound..lol

brisket cost just as much as steak locally
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Here too. First time I went to buy a brisket here I came unglued. 4.99/lb ??? Are you kidding me. We are talking about brisket right? Not Filets? Oh the filets are 9.99/lb. Kiss my a$$. You guys can keep it.

That was almost word for word what took place.
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Go to Costco. I get all my meat there. There's a $5 a lb difference in NY Strips vs. King Soopers.

Plus, I think the cuts on NY Strips and Briskets are much better at Costco. I never bought a brisket at KS just because I couldn't find the right cut or weight. Frankly, I can't remember what I pay per lb for a brisket there. I do know it's the cheapest place I can get it though.

CostCo is great for chicken as well.
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The one on Wadsworth?? I may have to re-up my membership just for meats :)

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That's the one....well worth it IMO
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Sam;s Club here has the packers for under $2.00 a pound. Seems like the last time I looked, they were $1.48. Keith
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Packers at Wally World here in south Florida are running $ 1.67, bought all 4 that were in the display case.
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I use a local butcher who hooks me up $1.89 lb after trimming for packers, and he does all the trimming. (I havent bought less than two cases at one time from him) Other than that can catch them during the summer at local super market for as low as $.99 (untrimmed.

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I want to move!!!!! If I'm lucky once in a while I'll find a brisket, and it'll never be a packer just the flat. And that will set me back around 5.00 lb.
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yeah.......i don't understand the difference in price between the packers and the flat.........packers bout 1.50-170/lb here.......but flats 4.99lb...........makes NO sense..........
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Here's a question for you, what is the difference between a packer and a flat besides price? Is it more of a roast cut vs. a flat cut?
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a packer has two parts........the point and the flat.......you see that in corned beef......either points or flats

a packer has em both........you can use the flat to make pastrami.......jerky........or smoke it and make sandwiches outta it

the points, you can either pull, or make burnt ends......which is my fav.

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Thanks PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Sam's always has full packers for $1.48 here in Houston. I miss Costco though, I always thought it was a better store. The only one here is way across town.
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I pay 1.68 for packer at Wal-Mart.
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Packers for me also.The one I just took out of the freezer for Daytona was 1.47 at Wal-Mart.
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