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Just gotta rub it in 72* here today, but that's not always a good thing. Wife had HUGE list of honey do's for me.

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I read this, and was easily talked into smoking myself today. The high here today was about 5 not sure what the wind chill is, I don't think I really want to know, Ran to the store at about 12:30 and had a 4 lb butt smokin by 1:30. I am using my house and a folding table as a wind break.
It is now 6:40 and the internal temp is about 173 and the outside temp is 1. Almost done good idea Policecom!
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Ah, lovely California.....I mean....It sucks....High Taxes....Stupid gun laws....liberals.....high unemployment.....500k shacks they call houses....stay away. no need to move here. nothing to see here..move along now. nothing to see.
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pushed 80 this WE-was the Tucson Gem show,lotsa tourists from where it's cold-I smoked bacon yesterday,gave my knee another day rest before Allie drug me around to spend $$-she a jewlery maker.
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Well, I survived the smoke. The ribs came out great! The brisket was awesome and the sausage smoked wonderfully. I am sorry no pictures but I just couldn't bring myself to stay outside any longer than necessary. Oh, and now I have been called in to work! Not much sleep but I am full of great food...but it's making me very tired. It is still darn cold out at -1 but the wind has settled down. I think the wind started diminishing right after I hauled everything out of my smoker...figures! icon_lol.gif
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