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First Beef Smoke on the Smokenator

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Hi Guys,

Having finally cleaned my Weber Kettler, and installed the Smokenator, I prepared for my first smoke. Rubbed a Topside Roast with just some salt, paprika & CBP the night before, and left it in the fridge overnight. The next morning, I think that I just put a bit more pepper on it, and that was it. I lit some coals in my homemade charcoal starter (I was actually surprised how well this thing worked!), and put them, along with 4 bits of hickory. Boy did that thing smoke. I was worried that most of the smoke was actually the charcoal (a 20 pound bag of Weber Green Egg Charcoal), but I didn't really mind. I also put some beef ribs on, because I couldn't find any racks of ribs in the butcher that I went to, I 'll have to keep looking, because that is what I would really like to have.

I didn't do a dry run in the smoker (as suggested by the manufacturer), and so I was checking it every 15-30 minutes with the temperature.

It was probably smoked for about 2-3 hours, and then just warmed up. It took ages once it hit 140 (at about 3pm) and then even longer to get to 160. I then couldn't wait any longer, so I foiled and put it in the oven. Maybe I should have put it in the blankets and cooler, because it was a bit dry when I finally sliced it. But I was glad it had the smoke ring (I was very excited when I sliced it and there it was!).

The roast was a little dry, but I didn't spray it during the smoke, so maybe I can do that next time. And I need to figure out a sauce, and a better rub.

But other than that, I might have to call this a success!

Anyway, onto the Q-view.
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That looks good.
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Looks good.....

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Looks like the smokenator did a good job judging by your smoke ring, congrats !!!
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Look's good!!
A little dry because a lil overcooked, shoulda stopped at 140 but nice ring!!
Tell me about your extension rack........homemade?? I like it!
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So beef should only go to 140? I thought that I read it should be 170 and the foil and rest? or did i misread pork?

The extension rack actually came with the smokenator! According to the website, the extension Hovergrill adds 247 square inches more smokin' space!

I'll see if I can do some Wicked Beans and some ABT's next weekend!
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That's some nice looking beef! Did you say you used 20lbs of charcoal ?
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ya 170* much to high for beef-140 tis good,and the temps u hear from the heat police are padded -and ya I think u thinking pork at 170
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