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need some help?Question

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Ok I got my pork butt up to 145 ,,, now I know foil @ 165 & go to 200 & so on... my question is ... can i put butt in a heavy duty stainless steell pan put in the apple juice / cap`n morgan/ soy sauce mix in bottom & cover with temp probe of course !!! lol & finish to 200* ..... any ideas ????
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I don't know man, I think I would save the Capt Morgan for tomorrow's game!!!!
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probably make is mushy, but I don't know. gonna soak up in the bark, If it was me, I wouldn't unless you are just putting very lil in there like 1/2 cup or less.
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Some people use a covered aluminum pan instead of foiling. No need to use stainless.

Personally I would forget the soy sauce. You can't drink out of spritz bottle.biggrin.gif
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If you want mushy bark you could do that.
Pulled mush sammiches......eek.gifeek.gif
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8 hrs into butt, (smoking)/lol... a few beers down along the way!! temp showing 163 going slow now .... gonna foil @ 165 put in gas smoker warming up now ...& bring to 200
I used my charbroiller pro/w/sfb..... lumpwood charcoal/& oak wood...for fire .......& apple& hickory for the smoke...ok hjave fun catch ya`ll laterPDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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Yes! There are many ways to finish a butt. All of them taste good!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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I understand the argument the others are making about mushy bark, but I've finished/reheated many in a crockpot which gets all sorts of fat in the bottom and people still really like it. Noone has ever complained!
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