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Hello from Texas

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Looks like a good site I've been cooking for for many years but want to learn more.So far this year I've shot 13 wild pigs and it looks like no end in site .So I'll be drilling ya'll for things to try .I've got a verticle propane smoker and a large home built pit 30" X 6' with fire box water baffle for the brisket and larger thing like whole hog.
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Welcome ot SMF !!!
Is your smoker a homemade unit? If so, post some pics of it.
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Heck I just got on here .LOL I'm not very puter savvy but as soon as I learn to take pictures I'll post them . My vert. is either a GOS or one like it.
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Welcome aboard the forum, There are alot of great people here with alot of know how. Enjoy your time spent here.
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yea I'd really like to see that smoker Welcome
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Is there a limit on pigs there.? And can you use a bow? Just for fun
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Welcome aboard. Glad your here.

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Welcome to the SMF, Paul
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Paulmarx, good to have you. My brother lives in League City

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I know they can do alot damage . I imagine you must still posses a license especially a non resident.
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Welcome to the SMF!!!
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Hi Paul...welcome...great site with great people. Yep...your gonna need to get that camera problem fixed...everyone loves pics on this site. Cheers.
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