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Newbie from NE Ohio - just getting started

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Been lurking for a couple of weeks...maybe a month while I was doing research on which Smoker I should purchase.

I made a decision and ordered an MES for my first smoker. Contemplated the Big Green Egg but decided that if I really liked this hobby I would make the plunge a little later this year.

I did my first smoke last Saturday with some spareribs. I used the 3-2-1 method and thought they turned out fairly well. They were very tender but a little too smokey. I think I had the damper closed to much. I am going to try some pork this weekend and maybe a fattie for munching.

This is a new hobby for me and I am just settling in. I bought two books... Peace, Love and BBQ and Smoke and Spice. I am just starting to go through them.

My other hobbies include Golf, British cars (I have a 60 MGA and a 74 TR6 currently) and working around the house (put in a pool and patio last year and finishing the walkout basement this year).

I love food and cooking so I am certain that I will like smoking after I get the hang of it.

Thanks for all the tips so far and I look forward to sharing my experiences with everyone
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Us Florida (SEC) people love you Ohion's. PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif So you are more than welcomed aboard. Look forward to seeing some qview from ya. Oh yeah, stay warm up there.
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Welcome to the forum Todd! Glad to have you aboard.
I used to own a tr spitfire...loved it.icon_mrgreen.gif
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Welcome to the forum, Todd! Its always good to the our fair state well represented. Prior to my divorce, I lived in Green/Uniontown for five years. I'm in Canton, now, but literally just minutes down the road. If you need any help getting started just give me a shout, I'll be glad to help any way I can.

Since you're in U'town, I imagine you are familiar with Pressler's Meats. If not, I recommend that you check them out...good people. I get my packer briskets from them.

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Welcome to SMF from a fellow MES owner !!!
I would suggest when applying smoke always keep your top damper wide open and let the heating element control the heat.
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Welcome to SMF Todd,you'll get lots of advice on smoking here from all the friendly members.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Welcome to the site. Great place here.....

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WElcome to the site Todd.
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Welcome to the SMF, Todd
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Welcome aboard, this place is awesome. You'll love it here. There is a ton of people with the world of knowledge.
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Welcome Todd to the smf. May your smoke run thin blue and best of luck with all you do!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Welcome to th3 SMF, glad to have you around. What MossyMo said is right on the $, don't want stale smoke chokin' your chicken...
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The guys and gals in this forum rock. I did the same thing you did (lurking) thinking that everyone would just ignore you because you are a neewbie. Don't be afraid to ask questions (even the ones you think are stupid) because to the best of their knowledge they will help you along. Welcome!
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Welcome Todd. I am down in SE Ohio near Marietta. Went to school with a guy from Fairport Harbor and have hung out on the lake some. Ribs and Walleyes? PDT_Armataz_01_24.gif Feel free to fire away with the questions. These folks are great!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

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Welcome to the SMF. from Southwest Ohio a little east of Cincinnati. Your going to enjoy this place. Lots of good folks with a lot of experience in smokin.
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Welcome Todd, I had a MGB 1958 I think, it was like driving a roller skate.
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Thanks for all the warm welcomes.

Brian... yes I am familiar with Pressler meats, I will have to check them out for a packer when I get that brave.

Dale if it was a 58 it had to be a MGA same as I have... yes it is a bit like driving a rollerskate.

Let the games BEGIN... nother smoke coming up this week and I will keep the damper all the way open.
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welcome todd ... i bet im 2nd closest to you. i live in medina ohio and run a automotive repair shop . been smokin for about 4 years and got real serious last spring when i built my first smoker . its a reverse flow offset (lang 60 clone )and has cooked some of the best Q around !!!lol in my opinion . i also have been making my own lump charcoal with great success . this web site will teach you so much you will be a smokin pro in no time . jerry from ohio .

ps. what starts as a hobby turns into a bad obsession !!! i think about bbq 24 -7 and im oline reading about it every day !!!!
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