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I gottcha WD,tomarrow I gonna be a few miles from the border-thinking of crossing for some belly-pick up pretty cheep there-and makeing cracklings is not a easy job just for a few chunks.
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Good looking bacon. Can't wait to see it when its done.

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Hay Y'all!

Just a quick update on the bacon thing I've got going at home. I had to go to Florida last week because of some family business that needed taking care of and I got back just in time for the Super bowl thank god! My team didn't win this year but it was still a great game, the best Super bowl I can remember seeing, maybe ever?

Anyway I got to the bacon during the halftime having sorta burned out on Tom Petty and Southern Rock a few years ago. I was a little surprised to find it didn't "horse" as much as I though it would have, not a problem though, it looked fine and pretty much airtight in the plastic box I used. I drained off most of the liquids and overhauled all three layers.

I repacked the box and poured in 1/2 gallon of apple juice with 12 ounces of honey, 12 of maple syrup, and 8 of molasses. I also threw in a tablespoon of pink salt for good measure. It wasn't quite the same as I posted in my earlier recipe, but close to it, and all that I had on hand at the time. Just the same, it all looks, tastes and smells pretty good!

I should of taken a picture or two, but there really wasn't that much to look at that was any different from the first shots. But I'll be sure to snap a few when I pull it out this weekend and finish it up. I'm going to have to locate some hickory before then. It's not a common wood for smoking down here and I want to use some on this batch.
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Thanks for the update Jimbo...look forward to your next on.
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Q-View of the Bacon


Hay Y'all,
Sorry to be a bit late with this, but I pulled the bacon out of the smoker night before last and hung it up for this picture. Notice the fancy bacon hangers fashioned from dollar store bread cooling racks two racks for a dollar! Those cost me 50 cents each and took a whole two minutes each to make, so I don't guess I'll be buying the $12 hangers now.

I'm waiting for my new Weston "12 slicer to arrive before slicing these slabs up. There were a few smaller ones and two of those are already gone for taste tests. The others will be given out as gifts. But these three larger ones are all mine.

I must say this is pretty good bacon, but the honey and maple flavor is more pronounced than I though it was going to be. I'm not sure if I don't like it better with just the molasses and maple, the honey is a bit sweeter than my usual product. The hickory smoke came through nicely and my wife liked it really well as did her granddaughter. I guess that's what counts what with it being Valentine's day and all. Besides she puts up with me spending all the time it takes to make it. When I borough it inside the whole kitchen area smelled like hanging bacon, nothing wrong with that!

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looking good jim.........looking good.........can't wait to see pics of those bad boys sliced.............
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man I have to get me some bellies! That looks awesome! Points to ya!
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How long from start to finish for that fine looking bacon. I'm thinking of trying some type of bacon but my local butcher can only get pork bellie skinless. Would this be a problem to hang for smoking?
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Looks great. I bet if you put a good junk on the smoker it would be good be like a boneless pork rib
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Great looking bacon Jim. Love to see it after it's sliced.
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looks fantastic Jimbo & ya those hangers look to work great also!
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