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Smoked some Salmon

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I had some salmon in the freezer from my annual Michigan trip last fall, so I figured I would give it a smoke. I soaked it in Hi Mountain's Gourmet Fish Brine for 12 hours, then it went on the ECB for about 4 hours at about 230 degrees. I smoked it with apple for the first hour then just let it cook after that. It turned out pretty good.
Enjoy the pictures.
Ready to start the smoke.

After 2 hours.

Finished after 4 hours, 2 platefuls.

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Looks nice Strider. Add some capers and a lemon squeeze for a treat :{)
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striding man
Great looking smoked salmon; mouth watering !!!

But your smoker looks too clean !!!
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Good job.

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"Hi Mountain's Gourmet Fish Brine"....Ill have to give it a whirl. Nice looking fish. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Did you glaze them at all?
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Looks good!
I smoked some salmon yesterday. Sprinkled with Paul Prudhomme's Seafood Magic and drizzled with honey. Smoked with apple.
It was my first try with salmon and it turned out a bit drier than I like, but tasty. Just a timing thing.
I love smoked salmon!
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Thanks everyone for the comments. I'm still learning.
nh3b's, No I didn't do anything with it other than smoke it.
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*sigh* i remember once, my ecb gourmet looking that clean...... *sigh*
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Looks great Strider!
I haven't done salmon in a while. might have to do some soon now.icon_mrgreen.gif
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that looks delicious...
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That's some great lookin' Q you got there striding man. You just jarred my memory, I'm going to pull mine (salmon) out of the freezer and do the same as you've done. Hope it comes out as good as your's.
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wish i could do salmon...........none to fish for around here.........and its exspesive as prime rib round here, even for roughy running bout 7-8 bux per pound
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Sounds like a great recipe!! Where'd you come by it?PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif
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Looks great striding man! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I tried me some Salmon for the first time tonight too!

Mighty tasty...I think next time, I don't need to cook it sooooo long!

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That looks mighty fine to me Habaneroman. Mine was pretty good. I took some into work tonight for a few friends, and they said it was pretty tasty. You just have to feel it and guess at how dry or moist it is, kind of like jerky.
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