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Fresh Briskets in Michigan

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Does anybody from Michigan ever see fresh briskets in the grocery store.
Besides corned beef I don't think I have ever seen one. I see folks on here from texas and say they get them for like $1.69 # all day long. I called a guy yesterday, he processes deer plus has a meat shop out behind his house and is legal. He said he probably could get some for about $2.00 # with the bone in. He lives in Capac MI. I have to call at 4.00 pm. friday to confirm. Seems like a good deal.
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I get all of my briskets from either Costco or Sam's Club. They have very nice meat and affordable. I picked up a couple last week in fact. I have had huge success smoking those briskets. I would give either of them a try. It was worth my membership just to get to their meat department. I am in Grand Rapids MI. Just a little south of you and they might have something in Big Rapids but I am not sure.

Hope this helps
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Might try super walmart or costco. They are cryovac packed.
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Sorry for the mix up I forgot there is a town called white cloud over there by you, I live on the eastern side of the lower thumb near port huron.
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bone IN?
never seen one of those..........
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Hell I don't know thats what he said on the phone. I have never bought a fresh brisket before, he did I think say lamb or beef ? I had one of my grinding machines runnin ( metal not meat ) so it was hard to hear. Maybe you get the rib bones with lamb. I bought 1/2 of a lamb the blue ribbon winner from the armada fair off this guy for $75.00 last year. Its different but good.
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White Cloud,
I'm with the others. I've never seen a bone in a packer (or flat) cut of beef brisket. Sounds like the butcher is probably being straight with you but there just might be a communications gap. Might want to redo that question again with him. But, I agree with your assessment. If you can get a packer cut (whole with point still on) beef brisket for $2.00 per lb. you're probably in good shape. Let us know how it turns out.
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Hey Cloud... give either McNee's in North Branch or Richmond Meat packing a call. Both those places could most likely help ya.
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I usually pick mine up at Super Walmat in Howell. I see briskets at Costco in Brighton but they are usually trimed but I'm sure you could get a hole packer by asking one of the meat cutters there. Eastern Market is a good place to pick them up also if your ever downtown Detroit.
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White Cloud you could try Caro packing as well, Sally can get just about anything you want
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I should of stopped in there when I was at my dads deer hunting. How is jolly sally and ken doing. My dad lives there on mushroom road.
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Hillers Market also has'em.
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thanks for this info Jeff

the only fresh brisket i have seen around here is at Meijers - $5.99/lbmad.gif , yes i said $5.99 a pound..lolmad.gif
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Buddy of mine in Utica said "I got the packer at Restaurant Depot, however, the Super WalMart out here carries them now on a regular basis and they don't look too bad either."
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That is what I was thinking The price if you did see any at regular grocery store like IGA< KROGER< MEIJERS would be prime rib price. I have seen the good folks from the long horn state on here getting them for a buck 69. I don't belong to any sams. costco. The guy I was suppose to get ahold of last night didn't answer his phone. I will clarify the price and bone thing when I talk with him.
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WC -- Thanks for posting . Was wondering where I could get a decent brisket as I want to try and the 3-2-1 ribs soon.

Lou - I have never been to eastern market and really need to get down there, too.
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I guess i'll have to give up my secret meat store.........
Fresh choice food's on 9 mile just west of 94, $1.79 per lb brisket's..
no packer's although i haven't asked em for a whole yet, nice flat's and sometime's point's!
Eastern Market has packer's for $2.19 # but i can get em for $1.99, let me know, maybe well make a trip down!!
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That ain't right 5.99 you can buy it here in Texas smoked for less than that! I paid 1.49 for some this week and I'm mad about it.. Before Christmas I paid .99 for some.. Good luck...
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