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Teez, what a cool knife! What is it called? I need to get one asap! Just made my first ABTs ever today and i'm a believer!!!

It came with a pepper grilling rack. I dont even use the rack, I just wanted the corer. This is not the rack I have but the corer looks the same. Can you order from in El Salvador?


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Originally Posted by teeznuts View Post

It came with a pepper grilling rack. I dont even use the rack, I just wanted the corer. This is not the rack I have but the corer looks the same. Can you order from in El Salvador?


Sweet!  It's a pain to get it here, but I will be stateside in december and will order one up for sure!!!!  I have to say, I love the gadgets almost as much as cooking the food....  thanks for the tip!

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You can get the same corer, without the rack at Williams Sonoma for about $10.  I have the corer and the rack and they both work great!  I've had them for about 3 years and they are well built and holding up nicely!|pepper%2Bcorer|1|best|0|1|24||1&cm_src=PRODUCTSEARCH||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-NoMerchRules-_-



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Jalapenos have one of the widest ranges of hotness on the scoville scale they range from 1000 to 10,000 so maybe your right JJ


I think hot hungarians have a pretty good range of hotness too, altho they weren't on the scale I just looked at, but from growing them I know that some are mild to nothing and some get about as hot as a medium Jalapeno,


Every year I grow hungarians, jalapenos, and habenero's 


Hungarians get stuffed with saur kraut and then pickle them... talk about a great side for BBQ !!!


and we make dill pickles and I slide  a Habenero in a few of them too


and the jalapenos are for the wife's slasa but now I can see some going to a few ABT's biggrin.gif

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I agree with Big Casino about jalapenos varying in heat by a large range.  I've also read where some seed breeders have intentionally bred some if not all of the heat out of certain strains of jalapenos, which makes no sense to me.  At least they could name them accordingly so you know if you're getting a hot or sweet jalapeno ("sweet jalapeno" - seems like an oxymoron to me...) 

I grow jalapenos, anaheims (which also vary greatly in heat) and poblanos for hots and cubenelle and horn of the bull for sweets.  I've made ABT's with all of them and they all make excellent ABTs depending on if you want heat or not from the pepper.  I've always wanted to try and smoke some of my poblanos (not as ABTs but as an ancho) but haven't gotten around to it yet.



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The 5# of ABT's i did on Wed/Thurs the heat was all over the place it was a crap shoot. some were no heat and some were hot. Only 1 gal thought they were xhot. I have got to where I don't remove all the veins and add some of the cutout back into the mix, just to retain some of the heat. I agree the growers are cutting down the heat. The guy I buy my plants from for my garden told me the breeders are doing that so they sell more. He also told me to make sure I checked the tags as he had some with no heat for the wimps. lol. I have tried using the habanero's  for Abt's but you don't get the same flavor, I like the heat better but not the flavor. 

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I would think a thicker walled pepper would be best for this, but I have never made one so i could be wrong

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Just my experience that if you remove the veins and seeds you should have a mild pepper.  Then you can add the heat back, as much as you need.  I have Anaheim's before and they do not make good finger food.  Great if you serve them like a stuffed bell pepper but kind of fall apart when picking them up with your fingers

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I have used banana peppers with good results.

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