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What is ABT

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I tried to search this before posting and couldn't find anything on this term. There is posting's on FATTIES but I would like to know what "ABT" is abbreviation for icon_question.gif I have seen what some look like but no explanation for the ABT. Hope someone can help straighten me out.
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ABT stands for Atomic Buffalo Turd. They are jalapeno peppers which are seeded and stuffes with your choice of cheese, meat or other items, wrapped in bacon, then smoked.
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Manna from heaven Kid, Manna from heaven!!!
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I agree!!

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Excellent reply Flash!
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GAURANTEED make em once and your hooked
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OMG I had never even heard of these, but am about to run to the store to get some ingredients and fire up the ECB!!!!

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You will love them and I guarantee they will be a hit!

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Habaneros make even better ABTs IMHO


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I sure love those things but Habaneros. Sounds good but I would be afraid to try them.

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You'll get hooked

10 26 11 019.jpg

10 26 11 018.jpg

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So, is there a way to cut down some of the hotness of the pepper?  I mean, I like jalapeños but worry that it would be too hot for me if I ate a large piece of one.  Some options?

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Just get all the seeds and the membrane out and there shouldn't be much heat. I missed a seed up top but for the most part I got em all and they didn't have much heat.


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Use banana peppers.

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Just don`t eat to many your first time out you will pay for it the next day.....

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I always find if you get the seeds and the membranes there is almost no heat at all. 

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Seems to me that the large Jap' farms have been breeding the heat out to make a mild chile, used for Jalapeno Poppers, the general public can eat coming from Restaurants and the Frozen Food isle of grocery stores...I bought 2 dozen Jap's to make ABT's and 4 of them had any heat, we were adding Hot Sauce to kick them up...JJ

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Teez, what a cool knife! What is it called? I need to get one asap! Just made my first ABTs ever today and i'm a believer!!!
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And yes, by coring them and removing all seeds most of them were very mild. I did get surprised by a couple that were randomly fiery. But overall i would say next time i need to supplement with extra heat.
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