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Coolest looking smoker ever

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Don't know how well they work, but they look neat. Just down the road from me too. Unfortuantely, a bit pricey for me to try out.
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Wow! That is pricey.

Click for direct link to ebay page
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looks like someone went postal on that smoker


i kill myself sometimes
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OUCH! Cool but for $2,000 and change I think I could find something better....
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Ralph needs to get a grip.
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I think the fine for getting you're own box would be cheaper than that! PDT_Armataz_01_21.gif
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Postage due...
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would that be smoked air mail?icon_biggrin.gif
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icon_lol.gif GOT MAIL!icon_lol.gif
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think i'd just buy a lang.

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Damn...........Little pricey.....

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I agree....
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