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Orion Cooker

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Has anyone seen this or used it? Went to the website and it really looks easy to use and the ability to produce good results.
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I havent seen or used one , but the agent where I get my car insurance said he bought one and he said it worked great , and took a lot less time than other smokers to smoke meat.
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Yes, I have ate several different cuts and types of meat from one of these and it is great. Ribs turn out great, the meat falls off the bone and this Thanksgiving my brother in law made a Turkey that was better than any cooked or deep fried Turkey I have ever had. They are easy to use and the cook times are right on...unless the temp is below 50 or if it is very windy. However a lot of people say that this isn't smoking b/c it is actually a convection oven. Put if you have tried the food cook on one of these you will not be disappointed. You put wood in the bottom and the wood will produce smoke so you still get a good smoke flavor and a smoke ring. Me and my brother in law both own one and we use them more than our traditional smokers.
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i posted a article on this very smoker awhile back...........but for some reason, i lost all threads started by me...........so i can't find it.......



this is not the one i did..........but it does address the orion
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Looks pretty neat.
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Diffently something different. Looks cool. Might be worth trying. Never know.

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