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Raw Bacon

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Years ago my dad's freind used to make a bacon that we kept in the freezer and ate raw. Well not really raw it was cured and rubbed with garlic, paprika, ceyane, and pepper. anyone here hears of this or even made something like this. It was awesome.
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the bacon was cured and smoked
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I cure and smoke it but I always fry it before I eat it. It must have been heavily salt cured.
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Another Hunky I see! Never made a meal of it, but sure... Remember "Abata Szonnola' and "bacon fries"? With the rye bread and peppers/onions/tomatos on the bread?
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must be a italian thing
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No Sir. Hunky alla way. A big hunk of bacon cooked over an open fire, thedripping applied to a slice of the good rye covered with the aforementioned mix. "Shutney Sozonnla"phonetically.
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sounds like that could have some affects on the old ticker lol
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And the raw bacon? ;{)
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never thought of that I guess the raw bacon would scew u up to
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